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10 Actually Good Horror Movies From The Past 10 Years

For those who look for quality in their monster orgies.

Horror purists will claim that there hasn't been a great horror movie made in the new millenium. This, of course, is garbage. Here's a list of 10 of the best horror movies made in the past 10 years! Happy Halloween!

1. Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie's remakes are mediocre, but this original masterpiece, starring Zombie's wife Sheri Moon, is like a neon-lit fever dream from Hell. In it, an entire city of women is driven insane by a satanic black metal record. Fun stuff!

2. The Babadook

What if the monster you imagined was under your bed was real? This deeply disturbing Australian film tells the story of a grieving widow and her troubled child.

3. Funny Games

Post-modern torture porn is served in this stylish film by controversial autuer Michael Haneke. It might, at first, seem like a boilerplate home invasion film -- that is until one of the main characters grabs a remote and literally rewinds the movie itself.

4. Cabin in the Woods

Joss Whedon's deconstructed horror masterpiece is equally as hilarious as it is intellectual. Come for the monster orgy, stay for the Sigourney Weaver cameo!

5. Inland Empire

Don't expect a coherent plot from David Lynch's 3 hour art-film, but scenes featuring haunted bunnies and ominous prophecies are sure to haunt your nightmares for years to come.

6. Noriko's Dinner Table

The follow-up to the Japanese cult-classic Suicide ClubNoriko's Dinner Table tells the story the siblings of those who killed themselves in the first film.

7. Lost River

We featured Ryan Gosling's band on our other Halloween list, and now we're featuring his movie on this one! Baby Goose's directorial debut was boo'ed at Cannes but what do those artsy French snobs know?! We thought it was pretty damn good.

8. Scream 4

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The 4th film in the Scream franchise hits all the notes of the first three, but gives the series a much needed millenial update and features a spirited performance from Emma Roberts.

9. It Follows

Set in a parralel 80s Detroit, this low budget horror movie is about sexual anxiety and growing up. Featuring a hallucinatory score by artist Disasterpeace, the movie became an unexpected underground hit early this summer.

10. Bug

Based on the play of the same name by Tracy Letts, Bug was widely considered a flop after its distributor misled audiences into thinking they were seeing a regular ol' slasher. This deeply psychotic love story, directed by William Friedkin (yes, the guy who did The Exorcist), has since gained an appreciation in the underground.

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