10 Celebrity Babies Dressing Better Than You This Summer

Check out North West's Balmain tutu and blazer. You couldn’t pull that off, could you?

By Valerie Williams

Celebrity babies. They’re just babies, and yet they aren’t exactly normal. They have access to wealth we commoners can only imagine – and they don the best clothes their famous parents’ money can buy. Tiny designer duds and perfectly coordinated outfits (possibly, by their very own stylist) are the hallmark of the well-heeled celebrity baby. This summer, no matter how hard you try, these celebrity babies will be dressed better than you:

1. North West

Source: Kim Kardashian Instagram
North West was born to be a teeny fashion diva. Her designer label-obsessed parents Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are seeing to that. Check her out, looking better than you in a Balmain tutu and blazer. You couldn’t pull that off, could you? Nope. Definitely not. Nor could you afford it, sadly.

2. Harper Beckham

Source: Getty Images
Daughter of fashion icon Victoria Beckham and legendary soccer hottie David Beckham, Harper Beckham has no choice but to be a fashionista. Look at her sporting an adorable Burberry dress while checking out the spring line at the Burberry London fashion show. Have you ever worn a Burberry dress while sitting in David Beckham’s lap? Never. Harper has it all over you this summer, sorry.

3. Blue Ivy Carter

Source: Beyonce Instagram

Blue Ivy Carter is basically American royalty and as such, will always be outfitted better than any adult. Beyonce is the Queen, Jay-Z the King, and Blue is their little princess. Expect this child to outshine you with her adorable wardrobe 365 days a year.

4. Maxwell Johnson

Source: Jessica Simpson Instagram

Jessica Simpson’s little girl is a clone of her beautiful mom and always outfitted to kill. Check out her adorable pose and fabulous little swimsuit. Don’t even try, this kid will blow you out of the water with her sartorial selections every time.

5. Haven Warren

Source: Jessica Alba Instagram
Daughter of the stunning Jessica Alba, Haven Warren is one adorably dressed toddler along with her older sister Honor. Jessica keeps them in sweet, feminine attire fit for a baby Hollywood princess .

6. Reign Disick

Source: Kourtney Kardashian Instagram
Kourtney Kardashian is known to dress all three of her children in perfectly chosen designer duds and Reign is her newest little doll to outfit. Check him out in his precious little jumpsuit. Judging by his older brother Mason’s amazing wardrobe, this baby will be joining his siblings in dressing better than basically every other adult this summer. Just accept it.

7. River Blackstock

Source: Kelly Clarckson Instagram
Get a load of sassy little summer baby, River Blackstock. If her mom Kelly Clarkson’s Instagram account is any indication, this kid has a wardrobe to die for. Look at that hat. You couldn’t pull that off. Could you?

8. Summer Rain Rutler

Source: Christina Aguilera Instagram
Baby daughter of professional diva Christina Aguilera, you know this little girl’s outfits will forever be on point. We can guarantee she will outshine any and all adults on the beach this summer. Her name is Summer, hello!

9. Apollo Rossdale

Source: Gwen Stefani Instagram
Gwen Stefani has three sons and she is known for putting them in the hippest kids clothing, some from her own line. Her youngest son, Apollo, is the cutest in his bitty leather jacket and we all know he will be looking fierce this summer so don’t even think you can compete.

10. Brooklyn Lachey

Source: Vanessa Lachey Instagram
The youngest child of the gorgeous Vanessa Lachey and husband Nick, Brooklyn Lachey is a serious cutie-pie. Her purple shades are cuter than any pair of sunglasses you might put on so basically, surrender to the adorableness and understand that you’ll never come close to this level of precious.

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