10 Celebrity Profiles We Want To See On Tinder

Tinder pulls a Twitter by launching celebrity verification. Here are 10 hypothetical celebrity profiles we want to see. 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Everyone is on Tinder. Every day 26 million matches are made on the dating app so it's no wonder that celebrities, public figures and athletes want to get their right swipe on. To make sure no one is getting straight catfished, Tinder has launched verification, which places a small blue check next to profiles of famous people using the app. Stars need love too. Here are 10 celebrities we would love to see on Tinder. Plus, the hypothetical profiles we created on their behalf. 

1. Drake

2. Chris Brown


3. Ben Affleck


4. Rihanna

5. Trey Songz

6. Taraji P Henson

7. Leonardo DiCaprio


8. Common


9. Jennifer Lopez

10. Robin Thicke



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