10 Greatest GIF Fails Of All Time

Epic. Fail.

By Valerie Williams

As evidenced by the Worst Post Ever clip starring Frankie Grande above, there are so many epic ways to fail as we trudge through this thing called life. Before the age of camera phones and the Internet, these mishaps remained relatively private. Now, thanks to technology, your not-so-proud moments are visible for all to see — maybe they’ll even go viral. Check out the epic GIF fails below and watch Frankie Grande in Worst Post Ever Tue., Aug. 18 at 9/8c!

1. Dude, Need A Spot?

This guy might want to check his form and grab a buddy, since he obviously didn’t have the best grip on those handles. OUCH.

2. Fishing Fail

The uneven distribution of weight spelled disaster from the start for this poor woman. And that bench. RIP, bench.

3. Slow Your Roll, Buddy

Maybe when attempting to cross a body of muddy water on a slim board you shouldn’t approach it going full-speed. A life-hack we can all take to heart.

4. What Goes Up

This poor kid obviously didn’t see it coming, but at least he learned to fly? A little bit? And hit walls, of course.

5. That’s One Way To Speed Up Yard Work

Want to fail as hard as humanly possible? Plug in a lawnmower. Add an extra motor, maybe? Turn it on. There you have it.

6. Yoga On The Rocks?

This was so Zen at first. And then, the tsunami hit. Next time, stick to the sand. 

7. That’s Stairs, Not A Ramp

Really not sure what he was going for here as he didn’t even attempt to get on the rail. Is this what the kids are doing these days? A painful lesson to learn.

8. Subway Drunk

A “designated friend” should be a thing so even if a drunk isn’t driving, he has someone stopping him from falling right in between the subway door.

9. That’s Not Magic. That’s Tragic.

Nothing magical at all about this complete and total waste of champagne. A fail if there ever was one.

10. Swept Away By Love. And The Ocean.

Whatever photographer had this bright idea is probably regretting it now. Ocean waves in the background? Lovely. The bride and groom being wiped out? You just lost your fee, sir.

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