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10 Reasons Prince's New Instagram (PRINCESTAGRAM) Is Too Perfect For Words

"This bores me ... Is anyone up for a game of basketball?"

The otherwordly being known to us humans as Prince has certainly gifted us with a magical treat. Intentionally elusive, Prince has remained largely enigmatic on social media -- until now! Prince's new Instagram account (titled PRINCESTAGRAM) is as perfect as you'd expect it to be. Here's 10 images from the new account that proves both that Prince seems to have a sense of humor about himself but also that he is a magical entity from another dimension.

1. Seriously Perfect

2. Like, are you kidding?

3. I mean, come on.

4. We've all been there.

5. "MIC SELFIE" [Author note: not actually a selfie!]

6. Yes, just yes.

7. GET IT!

8. He knows.

9. Not sure why this is captioned "THE SHADE" but who cares.

10. Dead.

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