10 Things Girls With Natural Hair Are Tired Of Hearing

Asking me if my hair is real? Don't. Just don't.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Going natural is pretty much the best decision I ever made. Since embracing my natural curls, I've become more confident and I love the way I look in ways I never thought I would. It's been a win-win all around, but that doesn't mean the experience didn't have its downfalls too—mostly, hearing the same comments, usually from strangers, over and over and over again. Here are 10 things natural hair girls are sick and tired of hearing.

1. . How do you keep all that clean?

I wash it, like any other human being with decent hygiene. How did you allow such a rude statement to come out of your mouth?

2. . It looks so soft.

This one's on the list because it's usually said right as someone begins touching your hair without permission. Just don't do it. If you were admiring a woman's shoes would you bend down and start rubbing her feet like a weirdo? No? Then please keep your hands away from my scalp. Honestly, it's just rude and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

3. . How come you don't wear it straight more often?

Because when I do people say dumb stuff like this. Black girls with natural hair have to constantly deal with the message that their hair would be more ideal if it was straighter. Gushing over how much better they look with straight hair only reinforces the idea that there's something wrong with being their natural selves.

4. . Is that all yours?

Let's get something straight right now - never, under any circumstances, ask a woman if her hair is "really" her hair. Whether it's growing out of scalp or she's rocking extensions, it's none of your business and it never will be.

5. . Aren't you going to do your hair before we go?

Um, I already did, but now I feel super insecure, so thanks for that.

6. . How do you comb it? I'd go crazy if I had to deal with all that hair every morning.

My hair isn't something bad or negative to be "dealt with." I feel pretty blessed to be who I am, regardless of how you think I should feel.

7. .

Oh, honey. You're way off base if you think any part of how I look has a thing to do with what men want. 

8. . You'd look so good if you just-

No. No no no. Don't finish that sentence. Literally no one asked you your opinion on how I could look more attractive, and I could not care less about your preferences, so shut your mouth and keep it moving.

9. . That hair! You gotta be mixed with something.

In case you didn't get the memo: there is no such thing as "good hair," and assuming that any black woman who has long hair must be something other than black is ignorant, racist or both.

10. . How do you get your hair to do that?

Time, patience, and a whole lotta magic.
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