10 Things We'll Always Love About Selena

Selena may have died 21 years ago today, but her legacy lives on.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Some pop stars are only popular for a season or two, and some become icons that the world will never forget. Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was one such artist, whose talent and passion inspired an entire generation. It was 21 years ago today that she was tragically taken from us, but her memory lives on. Here are 10 things we'll always love about Selena Quintanilla-Pérez.

1. . Her voice was incomparable.

Selena never took a single singing lesson, and if you listen to any of her songs you'll see why: she clearly didn't need them. Selena had the type of natural talent that you don't see every day, and fortunately for us, she decided to share that talent with the world.

2. . She had some serious dance moves.

Not only did Selena have the voice of an angel, she had the dance moves to match. No one could move like Selena, and her charismatic command of the stage went on to inspire countless future pop stars.

3. . Her style was legendary.

No one could rock a bustier like her. And those hats! Selena's outfits - especially her on-stage ensembles - are still being replicated to this day.

4. . Her makeup was flawless.

Selena always looked flawless. Had she been around today, her Instagram would have been the epitome of #makeupgoals.

5. . She was multi-talented.

You know those flawless outfits she wore on stage? She designed every single one herself. She also opened her own boutique in the early '90s that had a beauty salon inside of it.

6. . She had a big heart.

Despite her monumental fame, Selena remained humble and down-to-earth. Even during the height of her stardom, she made it a priority to visit schools and talk to children about the importance of education.

7. . Her smile could lift anyone's spirit.

Selena's beauty radiated from the inside out. There was nothing fake or manufactured about her, and it was her warmth and charisma that the world fell in love with.

8. . She was a certified boss.

Selena took home the award for Best Female Vocalist of The Year at the Tejano Music Awards an astonishing nine years in a row.

9. . She was an inspiration.

Selena was only 9 years old when she first started singing with her family band, proving that you're never too young to get on your grind.

10. . She was truly one-of-a-kind.

From her voice to her dance moves to her charisma, Selena was truly incomparable. Before she hit the scene, there had never been anyone like her, and there never will be again.
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