10 Times Buff-Drake Was So Hot He Made Us Forget What We Were Doing

You're killing us, Drake!

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Drake is a man on a mission, and that mission is to be the most ridiculously good-looking man in existence. He already leveled up when he grew out his beard, but now that Drake has been hitting the gym hard, he's been looking too good for words. Here are 11 times Buff-Drake was so hot that he made us lose our train of thought.

1. That time his personal trainer posted these drool-worthy pics

A photo posted by Roxx (@ovojonnyroxx) on

Seriously, how hot is Drake trying to get? How hot is too hot? When is enough enough?

2.That time he humped the air in the "Hotline Bling" video

Why are you doing this to us, Drake?

3. That time both his beard and body were on point

I don't think even that T-shirt can handle it.

4. That time he showed us how greatness is made


5. The time that this happened

I don't know whose idea it was for Drake to wear this turtleneck sweater, but honestly, I'm not even mad.

6. That time he posted the most flawless bathroom selfie

He's just showing off, at this point.

7. This

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on


8. And this

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

#DemArms, part 2!

9. This too

For real, Drake? This is just excessive.

10. And who can forget this?

This is just too much. Drake has to be stopped.

11. And yet another glorious workout shot

This should be illegal (we're totally kidding, please post nothing but shirtless workout pics in the future, Drake).
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