10 Times Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Was The Dreamiest Man Alive

Who else is up for moving to Canada?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

If you don't already know who Justin Trudeau is, prepare for your life to be changed. The Canadian Prime Minister is making waves for his progressive thinking. Also? He has a gorgeous head of hair. Seriously, he's just so cute. And charming. And rarely does he induce the kind of "I need to throw things" rage that most politicians are known for.

Take a break from the depressing, neverending circus that is American politics and instead turn your mind to happier things for a little while. Here are 10 times Trudeau proved he should definitely be your number one Canadian crush (sorry, Drake!).

1. . That time he put his money (or his feet?) where his mouth is:

Trudeau has always been vocal with his support of LGBT rights, but he'll make history when he marches in Toronto's Pride Parade this July. He'll be the first Canadian Prime Minister to do so. How can you not love that?

2. . That time he bared it all for a good cause:

It was for charity! Or something. Did you see that tattoo on his bicep? Let's not look a gift horse in the mouth.

3. . That time he got real about feminism

Here's Justin Trudeau, just casually dropping that gender studies knowledge and making everyone fall in love with him in the process. Watch the full video here.

4. . That time he spoke out against bullying:

I'd say this is definitely worth a retweet.

5. . That time he looked crazy hot during his workout:

 This is just too much.

6. . That time he fought another politician:

In 2012, Trudeau participated in a charity boxing match to benefit cancer research. He won, and the other guy had to shave his head.

7. . That time he called out Donald Trump:

Can we trade Trump for Trudeau? (Or like, anyone?)

8. . That time he welcomed Syrian refugees to Canada with open arms:

Again, can we trade Trump for Trudeau?

9. . That time he got super heated during a debate:

I'm not entirely sure of the context here, but I'm pretty sure he just put someone in their place.

10. . This picture:

Just gonna leave this right here. Feel free to swoon all you want.
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