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10 Times Usher Made His Instagram Followers Thirsty AF

So many thirst traps, so little time!

Today is Usher's birthday! The R&B icon turns 38 today, but he's been crush-worthy since he first hit the scene in the 90s. Every teenage girl had a crush on him after the "You Make Me Wanna" video came out (that outfit!), and after almost 20 years in the game, Usher is still killing it, playing sold out shows around the world and making hearts melt on social media.

In honor of his birthday, here are 10 times his Instagram page made you wanna leave the one you're with. (Joking! Kinda.)

1. .  This Super Hot Shirtless Selfie


What a way to celebrate the holiday season! Usher posted this thirst trap last Thanksgiving, and sure, he's just showing off, but can you blame him? His body is genuinely god-like.

2. .  When He Used His Voice To Speak Out


Celebrities have a rare opportunity to reach millions of people, but not all stars use their platforms to speak out about important social issues. In the above video, Usher uses his stardom to encourage his followers to vote and make a real difference, and we love him for it.

3. .  When He Did The Diabetes Dance Dare


Just in case you forgot just how crazy talented Usher is on the dance floor, press play.

4. .  This Photoshoot


He's serving some serious sexy, moody loner vibes in this shoot, right? Something about this pic just makes you want to sit down next to him, relax, and have deep conversations.

5. .  That Time He Transformed Himself Into A Professional Boxer


Usher co-starred in sports biopic Hands of Stone as Sugar Ray Leonard earlier this year, and he totally transformed himself for the role. The mini-fro (not to mention the sleek muscles) are totally working for him.

5. .  When He Went Into Boss Mode


No one embodies being bossed up quite like Usher Raymond, and this short black and white video totally screams luxury. If the point of posting it was to make us wish we were a world-famous celebrity, he totally suceeded.

6. .  This Mirror Pic


The mark of being a true style icon is being able to make even the simplest outfit look high fashion, and in this pic Usher makes a hoodie and sweatpants look ready for any streetwear runway show.

7. .  That Smile


Usher's smile can make even the most blackhearted among us want to smile back. I'm not sure how he still manages to look so ridiculously cute after all these years, but it's definitely working for him.

9. .  This Laidback, Sexy Shot


Usher seems like a totally chill dude, even though he's like, crazy hot. And that beard! Try (and fail) not to swoon.

10. .  Those Eyes!


It's like he's staring into your soul, right? He's got the tall, dark, and handsome thing down pat. Here's to another year of being grown and sexy, Usher!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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