11 States Are Suing Federal Government Over Obama's Bathroom Directive

Why won't this end!

By Eric Shorey

America needs to get it's sh*t together and let people sh*t in peace. After North Carolina lawmakers announced that they would be fighting against the Department of Justice over their right to discriminate against and segregate trans people, Obama issued a sternly worded directive essentially telling states they had to comply with federal civil rights law vis a vis new regulations on bathrooms. Now, 11 states (Maine, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin) are suing the federal government over the directive, hoping to be able to introduce their very own hateful legislations and laws.

From the New York Times: "The lawsuit, filed in a Federal District Court in North Texas, said the Obama administration had 'conspired to turn workplaces and educational settings across the country into laboratories for a massive social experiment, flouting the democratic process, and running roughshod over common sense policies protecting children and basic privacy rights.'"

This argument quite obviously uses a handful of conservative buzzwords ("social experiment", "common sense") to mask the patent bigotry of the laws they hope to enact. Gawker's Rich Juzwiak wrote a strongly worded retort to this argument: "To be cisgender (and in all likelihood straight) and to feel imposed upon regarding this issue is to be pathologically egocentric. This is doomsday-conjuring, hypothetical 'social experiment' invented as evidence against letting people piss in peace."

Oklahoma specifically is working especially hard at making life even more difficult for trans people, who are far more often the real victims of bathroom violence than the children conservatives claim they are protecting. NYT also notes: "Oklahoma lawmakers introduced bills that would allow students to request on religious grounds that their public schools provide a bathroom or other facility that bars transgender people. It was one of the earliest legislative moves in what has become a pushback by states against the Obama administration’s policy."

This is, quite literally, segregation.

It remains to be seen how these lawsuits will play out in actuality.

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