11 Times Kanye West Was A Normal Dad

Even millionaires have to take a break for story time.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
Back in 2009, it would have been pretty hard to imagine Kanye West as a father. He's always had a larger-than-life personality - not to mention a passion and drive that gives new meaning to the term "all-consuming." But since tying the knot with Kim Kardashian, we've seen a gentler side of Kanye, a side that's only gotten softer as his family has grown. Yeezy may be an international superstar, but to North and baby Saint, he's just dad. Here are 11 times Kanye was pretty much just your average, run-of-the-mill parent.

1. . When he complained about in-app purchases

Just like any other parent, Kanye is guilty of trying to get a little peace and quiet by sitting their little one down with an iPad, and just like any other parent, he knows the rage of accidental in-app purchases. 

2. . When he, Kim, and North coordinated their outfits

No, they're not on their way to get their portrait taken at JC Penny - this is just how the Kardashian-West clan rolls. 

3. . When he gave North a starring role in his 'Only One' music video

What parent doesn't like to show off their adorable kid? An artfully-directed music video is the perfect opportunity to do just that. 

4. . When he wanted the best for his daughter - toys included

"I would see toys that people would give her and I would be like, these toys is weak. [North] gotta have better toys than this," he said during an interview with the The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1. You hear that, Fisher Price? Kanye wants you to step your game up.

5. . When his child started crying at an important event

It's happened to every parent: your toddler launches into an insane temper tantrum at the most inconvenient moment. Kanye took it in stride, though.

6. . When he proclaimed his love on social media

Sometimes you just gotta let the love out, you know?

7. . When he took every opportunity to gush over North

Kanye was honored at the Footwear News 29th Annual Achievement Awards with the Shoe of the Year award for his Adidas Yeezy Boost 350. During the speech, he gushed about little Nori: "She might not be making sentences but she's bringing so much joy. I know she's going to grow up to be amazing."

8. . When he and North cuddled up for story time

Kim shared this super sweet snapshot on Father's Day. Can you imagine having Kanye West read you a story?

9. . When he smiled like a proud papa

You can totally tell that he just got done saying "You're right, Nicki, she does look just like me."

10. . When he danced in public

Somewhere North is cringing and thinking "Can you not?"

11. . When he thought really hard about his son's future

Kim and Kanye welcomed their first son, Saint West, on December 5 of this year. When Kanye was asked prior to Saint's birth what he wanted for his son, this was (part of) his answer: "What I hope for him is that he can feel purpose." Spoken like a true parent.
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