12 Celebrities Who Didn't Get Famous Young

Age before beauty.

I like my celebrities like I like my fine red wine: aged. Sure, some early bloomers turn out to be okay (Jodie Foster, I’m looking at you) but others only serve to make you feel like sh*t when you try to compare your life’s timeline to theirs. If you’re out there suffering from obsessive comparison disorder, than try these gems on for size. 

1. . Morgan Freeman

Malcom in the Middle came his way at 44, and Breaking Bad didn’t happen until he was in his early 50s. Now he’s a mic-dropping bad boy with a killer career and no regrets. Not bad for a Bryan who spells his name with a y.

11. . Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson was a social worker for years before he got bit by the acting bug. He had small roles in a couple of big films (Goodfellas, True Romance) until landing Pulp Fiction at age 45 for which he received an Academy Award nomination when that type of thing was still happening for actors of color. 

12. . Lucile Ball

Our great nation didn’t start loving Lucy until she hit the big 4-0. The rest, my friends, is her-story. Before that, she was working in stage productions and B-movies. Chew on that next time you’re the oldest girl in the chorus line. Alternate plan: push a bitch down the stairs and hope for the best. For the record, chemical peels are the new soft focus black and white film for the 40-year-old lady with a face for the ages and a smile that never gets old. 

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