12 Celebrities Who Had Failed Music Careers

Some celebrities can do it all. These celebrites...cannot.

Some celebrities can do it all, and some of them only think they can. Behold a list of celebrities who swung for the rafters with a crossover music career, but ended up just shy of Pitch Perfect.

1. . Russell Crow

Before his acting career took off, Russell Crowe released a song in his homeland of New Zealand called "I Just Want to Be Like Marlon Brando." And then when his acting career took off, he actually became like Marlon Brando. Crow continues to serve as the lead vocalist in a rap band called The Ordinary Fear of God, née 20 Odd Foot of Grunts. Say what you will, girl, but they've sold out tours from the US to the land down under.

2. . Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Hewitt cracked the Billboard charts in the 90s with her single "How Do I Deal" from the soundtrack for I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. She released subsequent singles, but never quite caught fire.

3. . Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis scored an HBO special in the late 80s based off his R&B album, The Return of Bruno. Sure, it was mostly covers, but he wore a cowboy hat and it was a party. The album did well on the charts, so two years later, he came out with another one. And that was the end of his music career. Leave 'em wanting more, Bruce. Leave 'em wanting more.

4. . Scarlett Johansson

On stage and screen, Scarlett Johansson is all that and a bag of chips. Her eleven song collection of mostly Tom Waits covers, however, was pretty crummy. Her debut album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, was overwhelmingly dubbed a snoozefest. Looks like her musical interpretation got a little Lost in Translation, if you know what I mean.

5. . Gwyneth Paltrow

As if tying to spell her first name and following the recipes in her crazy expensive cookbook weren't difficult enough, Gwyneth Paltrow's music career was more destined to sizzle out than Cold Play's half time performance at the Super Bowl. She released an album in 2000 called Duets that included a cover of "Cruisin," piano danced with Cee Lo on Glee, and even performed with rapper Jay-Z. Still, it wasn't a recipe for success, so Gwyneth decided to table her music career and focus on food writing, which, according to some, was even more difficult to stomach. 

6. . Kim Kardashian

Kim K is determined to leave no part of herself unseen, from motorcycles to mirror selfies to pop singles, Kim believes in leaving nothing to the imagination. In 2011 she released a single called "Jam (Turn It Up)" which led the New York Daily News to dub Kim "the worst singer in the reality TV universe." Niiiiice.

7. . Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant aka K.O.B.E. was signed along with his group Cheizaw to a record deal with Sony Entertainment in 1998. Kobe recorded at The Hit Factory with music mogul Steve Stoute. Not only did Kobe go on to sink jump shots, he also sunk his music career. He was set to release an album in 2000, but after its first single flopped, the album never followed. Looks like Kobe Bryant was no Shaquille O'Neal, as far album sales go, at least. 

8. . Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Jr. released an album called The Futurist with Sony Classical in 2004, (and yes, it is currently in stock at Amazon.com for only $9.89--I checked). The adult contemporary album never came in vogue, but who cares. Now he's Iron Man and a billionaire. Well, multi-millionaire, at least.

9. . Billy Bob Thornton

B. B. Thornton released two country albums in the early 0's: Private Radio and The Edge of the World. Private Radio gained some traction for a song entitled "Angelina," which we can only assume was inspired by his torrid love affair with the main character in the children's book series, Angelina Ballerina...

10. . Hugh Laurie

As if he wasn't sad enough on the hit television series, House, Hugh Laurie is also a master of the blues. In 2011, he released a classic blues album entitled Let Them Talk with Warner Brothers Records. Far from an embarrassing side project, Let Them Talk received medium to good reviews, but never caught on commercially. 


11. . Michael Cera

No stranger to the indie music world, Michael Cera self released an album of mostly instrumentals called True That on Bandcamp in 2014. He also appeared in Weezer's album Hurley as a background vocalist/guitar player. He also used to be on a band on MySpace. #WhoWasnt

12. . Ryan Gosling

In 2009, Ryan Gosling released Dead Man's Bones, a Halloween themed concept album featuring an L.A. children's choir. I mean, what else do you do when you're the only one of your friends from The Micky Mouse Club who hasn't had a Billboard hit? The album was... well... Scary, to say the least.

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