12 Cool Things That Used To Be Completely Uncool

It's hip to be square. 

In the great words of Heidi Klum, “One day you’re in, and the next you’re out!” It’s true of fashion, and it’s true of pop culture trends. Last year’s “hell no” is this year’s “f*ck yaaaas!” Check out this dirty dozen of things that used to be not cool, but are now totally cool. 

1. . Pokemon

Gurl, you know I had to start the list with the pop culture comeback phenom of our time. I didn’t even know what the hell a Pokemon was until suddenly, it was everything. I still don’t totally understand how it works, but the important thing is that I walk around the streets throwing Pokeballs at meatballs with arms like the rest of the cool kids, and Nintendo is once again making bank. 

2. . Mom Jeans

High-waisted, heart shaped bottoms were the lamest, until all of a sudden, being lame became cool again, and then we couldn’t wait to look our worst. Though still acknowledged as totally unflattering, one of the hallmarks of hipster culture is wearing things “ironically” which has made us a difficult demographic to market to, because if you make something we actually like, we may be less likely to actually buy it. I say we, because you know I rock those mom jeans with an ugly sweater crop top. 

3. . Being Awkward

It used to be that if you wanted to be cool, you had to act cool. But now, even the beautiful are rocking awkward, leading me to coin the new pop culture phrase: rockward. Remember that time Jennifer Lawrence tripped at The Oscars? That gurl is rock-ward. 

4. . Big Booties

Flat butts used to be in, but right now, baby got back is back. We’ve gone so far as to make butt implants a thing.

5. . Full Lips

Not that being thin lipped was ever a compliment, but lip injections which were relatively unheard of a decade ago, are now business as usual. In fact, according to a report inThe Independent, the day after 17 year-old Kylie Jenner admitted to having lip fillers, inquiries about the procedure went up as much as 70% at plastic surgery clinics. Talk about a mouthful. 

6. . Nerd/Game Culture

Revenge of the nerds, indeed! Nerd culture used to be for outcasts, but now it’s the coolest club in town and you needn’t go any further than the box office to prove it. They say the meek shall inherit, and you know that quote from Little Shop of Horrors doesn’t lie. 

7. . Glasses

Men don’t make passes on girls who wear what now? Glasses are so in right now, people wear fake ones to try to fit in. Who knows when, why or how but four eyes appears to be the new two. I’m going to guess it has something to do with number six on this list.

8. . Making Political Statements To Your Friends

Too cool to care is no longer cool at all. Thanks in part to social media for providing a platform through which to express one’s political and social beliefs, seems like errybody has something to say about politics now. Who hasn’t unfriended a couple of facebook friends this election cycle? 

9. . Science

Who would have guessed Bill Nye had this kind of staying power. And Neil deGrasse Tyson? Yes please. From science podcasts to "How Things Work" YouTube clips, understanding the world around us has become understandably cool.

10. . Television on Deep Cable

Who the hell used to watch TV on AMC? All of a sudden, they have two of the biggest hits in the last ten years? And don’t even get me started on FX, Starz and USA, all of which have had unprecedented breakout hits of late. Credit may be partially due to various streaming platforms making more available on the cheap.

11. . Always Being On A Computer

Are you kidding? Being on a computer was the worst! Computers were for homework and word processing. But now that computers fit in your pocket and come with infinite games and ways to talk to your friends, American teenagers spend an average of seven hours a day engaged with a screen. 

11. . Not Going Out

Netlix and Chill used to be what losers did because they weren’t invited to any of the cool parties...but now the cool party is just as likely to be couch bound as it is to be bottle service. 

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