12 Gay Icons Who Identify As Straight

 Like a pencil... straight up to a point. 

There's an A at the end of LGBTQA for a reason, and that reason is allies! Because you don't have to be queer to love a mid-range Broadway belt and leotards. 

Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, I give you 12 gay icons who identify as straight. 

1. . Diana Ross


Save the best for first! Diana Ross sang “I’m Coming Out” and everyone followed suit. When it comes to entertainment, Ross is The Boss. I am telling you, you’re gonna love this Dreamgirl. She’s inspired everyone who inspired you, and is one of the reasons we have RuPaul to enjoy. In conclusion, she taught us all how to 'survive,' and for that we are supremely thankful. 

2. . Judy Garland

Anyone who has seen the Broadway adaptation of Priscilla Queen of the Desert knows Kylie is queen. Kylie Minogue rose to gay-fame the same way most straight female pop stars do: glitter. With global gay following, Kylie believes you should sexercize your right to sexercise with the partner of your choice. 

12. . Tina Turner

What’s love got to do with it? Tina Turner performed at the opening ceremony of the first ever Gay Games in San Francisco in 1982. Enough said.

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