14 Gender Neutral Accessories For The Fall

Gender is so a non-issue this fall.

From Valentino to Zara to Forever 21, it’s no secret that separating the men’s and women’s sections of a clothing store will soon feel as outdated as non-driverless cars. Androgyny continues to take over the fashion world, resulting in a decision by some clothing retailers to rip the “men’s” and “women’s” tags out of their clothes completely, and I’m not just talking about American Apparel. Even Target is doing it. Don’t get left behind! Do the right thing! Here are 14 gender neutral accessories for the fall that aren’t quite men in tights, but they are fun for the whole family. 

Here are 14 gender neutral accessories for the fall that aren’t quite men in tights, but they are fun for the whole family. 

1. . Fanny Pack

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Fanny packs have made a full comeback, and with ironic fashion a must-have in any millennial’s closet, it’s easy to see why. I’ve been wearing one since college when my binge-drinking habit started getting in the way of my ability to not lose my keys. Now they come in a wide array of fashions and price points, from understated black leather to high-glam neon patterns. It's hands-free murder on the dance floor now that the pack is back. 

2. . Professor Scarf

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You know what I’m talking about: they’re big, they’re comfy, and you can wear them with a tank top if you g*ddamned feel like it. They’re the perfect finishing touch to any layering ensemble, and they definitely go both ways. 

3. . Watches

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Perhaps the Apple Watch is to blame? Or possibly the Fit Bit— either way, watches are where it’s at in putting the fun in functional jewelry! I wear a Detroit made Shinola every day so I’m always on time for the party. 

4. . Leather Bracelets

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Whether wide or narrow, black or brown, leather bracelets are a great way to accessorize in the middle of the gender spectrum. Make ‘em thick, and you’ve got a cuff, which is also a great way to let people know you might be a vampire or possibly still in a ska band. 

5. . Bolero Hat

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Ah, the hipster hat. Look, we all know that eighty percent of visible signs of aging comes from sun exposure, so especially if you life where the sun’ll come out tomorrow - weather (sic) you like it or not - you’re never fully dressed without a hat. Wearing them indoors is a great way of announcing to a room, “you do you… because as you can see, I am clearly doing me.” 

6. . Trucker Hat

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I LIVE for ironic trucker hats, and you can have them made with literally anything you want on them on Etsy. Why brush your hair when you can go shabby chic with a trend that started with Mike Myers in Wayne’s World.

7. . Blazer

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Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want, and if you ever plan on getting out of your parent’s basement, take it from me, you are going to need a blazer. It’s a great way to attend an outdoor concert and not be cold, plus men use way too much air conditioning, so think of a go-to blazer as a way to level the playing field. 

8. . Butch Tank

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I get it, this is only a fall accessory in Los Angeles, but hear me out! Throw on a stocking cap and a scarf, and someone should get you a hammer because you are NAILING IT! The early 90’s style tank is in. Spaghetti straps are out. 

9. . Leather Jacket

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I need say nothing more about this classic accessory other than it rocks. Also, it travels well on planes and transitions seamlessly from day to night. Plus! There are tons of vintage and vegan options available (trust) so you can still look good and not piss off Pam Anderson!

10. . Jean Jacket

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All the comfort and ease of a leather jacket, but with only half the swagger, which… lesbie honest… may be where some of us are at right now. 

11. . Solid Colored Hoodies


Dress up sweat-wear is totally in. A solid colored hoodie, zip-up or pull-over, is the perfect way to fit in at any internet based company with an open air office. It says, “My clothes are new and clean, so you know I’m doing alright financially… but I’d still rather be in pajamas, because I still prefer to talk to computers more than human beings.” 

11. . Loafers


Whether boat shoe or oxford, they’re the perfect way to dress up your jeans or dress down a suit. Also, they have started to end the tyranny of high heels from which women previously had no alternative in the workplace, and that’s worth its weight in tying tiny bows with your fingertips. 

12. . Cropped Boyfriend Jeans


Yes, yes, yes! I don’t care if you go home to a colt or a filly, boyfriend jeans with their baggy fit and often distressed finish are incredibly comfortable and often come pre-cropped, which will look fantastic with your new pair of loafers.  

13. . Kicks


Sneakers are so in style right now, it’s ridiculous. Big clunky kicks have crossed over into female sizes, and more streamlined, flat shoes have made their way to the men’s side of the aisle as well. It’s not just about chucks anymore. 

13. . Sweat Suits

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I resisted this trend until I tried it myself, and now I don’t give a f*ck if it looks like pajamas. I’m hooked. 

14. . Extreme Layers

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If all else fails, just put everything on and let the gods sort it out. Layering is a great way to regulate your temperature, and it also gives you a bohemian air of living out of a suitcase or possibly in an abandoned flat in Paris.

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