14 Times Ciara and Russell Wilson Were #RelationshipGoals

Forget Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Ciara and Russell Wilson are our ultimate #RelationshipGoals.

Move over Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Ciara and Russell Wilson are our ultimate #RelationshipGoals. The singer and Seahawks quaterback make the picture perfect couple, even if Russ did publically admit they're not sleeping together. Sex: who even needs it when you look this cute? From their romantic beach-side sojourns to her rooting for him from the sidelines and their impeccable couples costumes, the lovey-dovey couple has us gushing with "awwww" and a little bit of jealousy every time we see them together.

It seems impossible to wipe the smiles from their faces when they're together: Russell and Ciara positively beam around each other. And why shouldn't they? They're both beautiful and talented, making them quite a formidable pair. The pair have both had their fair share of heartbreak, with Russell divorcing his wife (Ashton Meem) last year and Ciara splitting from her fiancé and baby-dady Future. But it seems that since they got together in April, they've found true love. Here are 14 times Ciara and Russell Wilson were our #RelationshipGoals:

1. Every time they do charity work together

2. When they smile from ear to ear when they're together

3. Every time they can't keep their hands off each other

4. When they even managed to have a great time together at Starbucks

5. Whenever Ciara is Russell's #WCW

6. Every time they get glammed up for an event

7. When they color co-ordinated at the ESPYS

8. Every time Russell is Ciara's #MCM

9. The time Russell planted one on Ciara on the red carpet

10. When Ciara went to football practice


11. When Ciara cheered Russell on at the game


12. When they had the best ever couple's costume at Ciara's birthday



13. When Russell dipped Ciara low on a beach in Mexico


14. When they rode off into the sunset together


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