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14 Times Rihanna Looked Like A Total Babe Smoking Weed

Rihanna is launching a line of weed. These photos could be used in her marketing campaign. 

The U.S. is slowly but surely moving towards legal acceptance of marijuana, which is gangbusters for Rihanna, who is rumoured to be launching her very own line of weed. Ri has always loved a little bit of green, and has never been shy about advertising her penchant for smoking weed throughout her career. So while we wait, impatiently, for the release of her hotly anticipated new album, Anti, we too can join Rihanna by puffing on her magic dragon.

RiRi is said to be launching a line of weed called MaRihanna, although the report is as yet unconfirmed. It's alleged that she made the announcement at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Negril, Jamaica, and anyone who loves weed and Rihanna will be giddily awaiting more news. The report also tells us that the various strains of MaRihanna will be called Karibbean Kush, Haitian Haze and Jamaican High Grade, respectively. If the line is released, you'll be able to buy it in states where the sale of weed is legal: Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. 

So while we wait to find out more about MaRihanna, we've gone ahead and complied some of the best photos of Rihanna looking like a total babe while smoking weed, curated from the pop star/potential future marijuana moguls Instagram. It wasn't hard, considering Rihanna almost always has a joint in hand, and definitely always looks smoking hot. You're welcome.

1. At the Diamond Ball



2. By the pool


3. In a Polaroid


4. Partying at Coachella


5. Mermaid style


6. While fishing


7. In the "Bitch Better Have My Money" video


8. In Fader magazine


9. While wearing Dior


10. Netflix and chill


11. Heading to the gym


12. In the hot tub


13. On New Year's Eve


14. With no makeup

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