15-Year-Old Launches 'Girls Against Boys Sagging' Campaign With Amazing Results

The children are our future... to no more unsolicited butts.

By Jazzi Johnson

Sagging has been a controversial topic not only in urban communities, but in the courts as well. From young boys wearing suits to school in order to be treated as human beings, to the law threatening up to 6 months in jail for sagging, it's a topic that has been widely discussed for decades. 

But what if the protests against sagging come from your own peers? One 15-year-old named Morgan McCane decided to test the waters for herself. After being exposed to teen boys’ boxers while sitting in a restaurant with her mother one evening, McCane came up with an idea. “I told her I wish we could change it,” she told CBS46 News. “She said ‘let’s start a movement’ and I said, ‘well, let’s do it!”

The movement is G.A.B.S., meaning Girls Against Boys SaggingAfter students, teachers, and parents joined the movement, she sold thousands of GABS tees, and her following is steadily growing. Interestingly, her message doesn’t come off condescending or demeaning (which was honestly my initial concern, although I too, do not enjoy seeing underwear).

“I feel like women can change men’s minds most,” she explained to RCV. The movement directly targets girls and women to speak up about their dissatisfaction. To push the cause forward, Morgan designed a line of t-shirts with the G.A.B.S. logo and message to help prompt conversation.

The overwhelming reaction from young boys tend to be a gesture of respect, when asked from peer to peer. One recent story posted onto her Facebook account details a message Morgan’s father received from a fellow parent about his daughter, Brienna:

"Brienna wore her #‎pullemup shirt to school, and received high praise from faculty and students…" he wrote. "Also she was right! When asked about GABS [from a young man sagging], Brie asked [him] 'why haven't you pulled your pants up already' and up they went. Kudos to Morgan and her inspiration. AWESOME JOB!!!”

And the same sentiment echoed in the live interview with young teen boys: 

“That’s big because I like girls and I want them to think I’m cute and stuff, so it’s a pretty good move,” said one. “If you want to find a way to get boys to stop sagging, make the girls think it’s uncool. That’ll probably be a good way to stop that,” said another. Watch below.

Girls Against Boys Sagging is a campaign about aesthetics, and less about the white gaze and bougie politics. If the female gaze is what will push majority of these teens away from exposing their hind parts, then I'm all for it. It turns out that all they need is love (or at least the possibility of it). What do you think? 

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