16 Struggles Only Girls With Glasses Will Understand

No, I will not suddenly become hot when I take them off.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

From the horror of losing them to the struggle of trying to put on makeup, there are some things only girls with glasses will understand.

1. Needing your glasses to find your glasses

There's nothing like groping around in the dark in the space between your bed and the wall in the morning. The struggle is real.

2. People thinking that you'll take them off and automatically look like a supermodel.

Blame She's All That for this one. Every teen movie since has had a makeover scene where the only thing the girl with glasses has to do to be hot is to take them off and let her hair down. I happen to think I look pretty good with glasses, thank you very much.

3.  People not understanding that glasses are a part of your face.

Shout out to my mom, who still asks me to take my glasses off for photos, even though I've worn them for like the majority of my life and they're legit a part of my face at this point.

4.  When people think your glasses are purely a fashion statement.

Nah, I need these to see.

5. Trying to find the perfect pair.

Picking out your glasses is one of the most important decisions you'll make; after all, if you mess up you'll have to wait weeks for a replacement pair. Talk about pressure - it's even worse when the optometrist tries to rush you like this isn't a life-changing decision. And on that note...

6. Picking the wrong frame.

It looked cute on Zennioptical, but as soon as you put them on you looked like someone's grandma. There's 30 dollars down the drain, and now you have to try to make this monstrosity look good on your face until the new pair you ordered arrives. 

7.  Going to see 3D movies

Fitting those giant 3D glasses over your own glasses is just a hassle, not to mention it's really hard to keep adjusting them without looking like you're having way too much trouble completing a simple task. Are prescription 3D glasses a thing so I can waste my money on them? 

8. "You look so much better without your glasses!"

Even though you tried to cover it with "you can really see your face now," I know you just lowkey called me ugly.
9. Kissing

Glasses can kind of get in the way a little bit, especially if the person you're kissing wears them too. However, taking your glasses off can scream "ok, let's kiss now," and who wants to risk the embarrassment of getting your signals wrong and the other person looking at you like you're a lunatic because you're sitting there with your glasses off and your lips puckered?

10. When people don't recognize you without them.

Come on now - I don't look that different. People who can't recognize someone just because they took their glasses off shall henceforth be known as "Lois Lanes." 

11. Laying down.

I want to lay down and take my glasses off, but I want to watch this movie/read this book while I do it. The struggle continues.

12.  Falling asleep.

I insisted on keeping my glasses on so I could watch this movie in bed, and now I've fallen asleep with my glasses on and they're bent in a weird way that I don't know how to fix but I'm pretty sure is effecting my sight. Great.

13. Breaking them unexpectedly.

When you hear that miniscule little screw hit the floor, it's over, because that thing is impossible to find - especially without being able to wear your freakin glasses.

14. "Why don't you wear contacts?"

Um, why can't you appreciate how great I look with my glasses on? 

15.   Guys with fetishes.

It may sound like a good thing for a guy to be into your glasses, but it is possible to be a little too into it, if you know what I mean. I wear glasses, but that doesn't mean I fit into your shy girl fantasy - please stop making it weird.

16. Trying to put on makeup.

That feeling when you can't wear your glasses while you're doing your makeup, but you can't see your bathroom mirror without your glasses. What's the point in doing all of this hard work flawlessly blending my eye shadow when people can't even see it anyway? And false lashes? Impossible. Also, is that mascara on my lens? 





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