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17 of The Most Ridiculous "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

There's a thin line between sexy and stupid.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to look hot on Halloween. Mean Girls said it best: October 31st is pretty much the only time of the year when women can dress super sexy and no one can slut-shame them for it. That's all good. But come on -- there's sexy, and then there's just stupid. Here are 17 of the most ridiculous "sexy" Halloween costumes the internet has to offer.

1. .  Sexy Donald Trump

There is nothing sexy about Donald Trump, and there never will be.

2. .  Sexy Pizza Rat

Whose idea was it to turn one of the year's most disgusting internet sensations into a sexy Halloween costume again?

3. .  Sexy Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown should never be your inspiration for a sexy Halloween costume.

4. .  Sexy Carrot

Now you're literally just putting the word sexy in front of random other words and making costumes out of it.

5. .  Sexy Mickey Mouse

This is just strange.

6. .  Sexy Taco

Yes, this is stupid, but, in a way, I'm not even mad at this one. If you've ever been hungry at 3am, then you know tacos can be hella sexy.

7. .  Sexy Baby

What. Is. Wrong. With. You????

8. .  Cecil The Lion

It's like you're just trying to piss people off.

9. .  Sexy Werewolf

...But why, though?

10. .  Sexy Corn

This is one I will never understand.

11. .  Sexy Peanut

In case your boyfriend has a thing for Mr. Peanut, I guess?

12. .  Sexy Watermelon

Who's even thinking about watermelon in October, anyway?

13. .  Sexy Lobster

In case you don't want to be a random sexy food, you can now be a random sexy animal.

14. .  Sexy Oompa Loompa

A sexy oompa loompa? I've officially seen it all.

15. .  Sexy Winnie The Pooh

You know, in case you wanted to ruin some childhoods.

16. .  Sexy Yoda

Why does this exist? Yoda has to be one of the least sexy fictional characters ever.

17. .  Sexy Ronald McDonald

Is nothing sacred? I can never look at a Happy Meal the same way again.

Need help from real experts? We asked Comic-Con cosplayers about their Halloween costume tips! 

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