3-D Printed Clothes Are Coming Sooner Than You Think

Make room in your closet.

3-D printing is set to change shopping for clothes forever. According to experts, getting custom 3-D clothing at home may be available as soon as 2020.

3-D printing is already being used for things like shoes and cosmetics. The reason 3-D clothes has been a challenge so far is due to the stiff fabric the printers use. "As the variety of materials available to print in 3-D become more extensive and less expensive, both free open-source and proprietary clothing designs will be widely available online in as little as 10 years,” tech expert Ray Kurzweil said at The New York Times Global Leaders’ Collective conference in Washington, D.C. last week.  “By 2020 there will be a whole host of product available immediately to buy for pennies on the dollar and to print straight away. It will become the norm for people to have printers in their homes."

In April, Bloomberg pointed out that 3-D printing will change the game when it becomes available to the mass market. “It can be as revolutionary as the sewing machine,” said Andrew Bolton, curator of Manus x Machina at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. “It means you can 3-D print your dress to your exact measurements at home.”

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