4 Types of "Intimidating" Women and Why We Need Them in Our Lives

Not all of us have Taylor Swift-style #squadgoals.

By Kristy Ellington

Not all of us have Taylor Swift-style #squadgoals. In fact, for some of us, women can be pretty intimidating. Rather than judge each other's journeys, take a look at these four very distinct "types" of intimidating women we've all met and how they can actually help you become a better woman yourself.

1. The Girl Boss

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone

Why We Need Her: Her power and the way she commands a room can be intimidating, but when a woman is werking it in the board room, we should all sit up and collect the golden nuggets of knowledge she's dropping upon the rest of us.

Turn intimidation into inspiration by looking at ways you could emulate her most impressive attributes: Is she an amazing presenter? Join Toastmasters. Does she handle pressure like an absolute pro? Take some cues from the way she responds in heated situations. Is she an excellent communicator? Start learning new vocabulary, record yourself speaking, and begin to refine how you talk to others.

2. The One Who's Killing It in the Weight Room

Why We Need Her: Cardio queens are cool, but you know who else is cool? A strong, badass woman who can hold her own at the weight rack. You don't have to press 200 or squat 150, but the woman who's rocking it right alongside the barbell-junkie boys teaches us that women can, and should, embrace their strength. That strong is so sexy. That working and molding our bodies into lean and muscular works of art, complete with bubble booties and banging biceps, is more than OK.

3. The One Who's Showstoppingly Beautiful

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Why We Need Her: How many times have you looked at a beautiful woman and immediately thought that she's probably a snob-and-a-half? Admit it, you've done this. And here's why we need her in our lives: because this knee-jerk reaction is a representation of our own insecurities, our own fears, and our own inner critics. When we can admit to judging others based on what they look like, we can start to become better people. You don't think she's a b*tch because she's beautiful, you hate her because she makes you feel insecure about yourself.

4. The One Who's Quiz-Show Smart

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone

Why We Need Her: Her smarts always impress and, if we're being honest, can make us feel a little less than. That's OK, because knowing the girl who's book- and whip-smart enough to be on Jeopardy can also inspire us to ABL: always be learning.

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Written by Kristy Ellington

Top Photo Credit: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone

Originally Published on Popsugar

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