5 Celebs Who Are Super High Maintenance Bosses

Some celebrity bosses need a lot of attention. Who would have guessed it! 

By Kat George

We’ve all had a challenging boss at one point or another. Someone who was petty, or mean, or who would always be critical no matter how well we performed. But after you read this list of high maintenance celebrity bosses, it's likely that your own experience with a bad boss will pale in comparison. Celebrity bosses, it turns out, have a lot of wacky demands, and need a lot of attention. Who would have guessed it! Take note: if you have an interest in Nick Cannon's Like A Boss (premiering Tue., March 29 at 9/8c)and being a boss yourself, you probably want to avoid most of the behaviors listed below. They're not going to build employee morale, that’s for sure. Here are some celebrity bosses who are super high maintenance:

1. Lady Gaga

It’s not like Lady Gaga “seems chill." The whole Lady Gaga persona is so tightly curated you'd expect that the boss lady would be pretty high maintenance, and why not—she’s attempting to be a walking piece of art, and that doesn't happen if you're not running a tight ship. Gaga's former assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, sued her ex-boss for unpaid overtime and damages (which was subsequently settled out of court. O’Neill alleges that for a yearly salary of $75,000 she was forced to sleep in Lady Gaga’s bed because the star didn’t like to sleep alone, and was told to be on-call and available 24/7. If true, that's a pretty high expectation from boss to employee. 

2. James Cameron

The Titanic director has a reputation for his high maintenance ways, so much so that Kate Winslet has vowed to never work with him again. Meanwhile, reports have alleged that on the set of Avatar he would nail gun his staff’s cell phones to the wall if they rang at an inconvenient time. He always pushes his staff to mental and physical extremes at work, and has been known to say that “firing is too merciful." James Cameron is like the Babadook of bosses.

3. Paula Deen

Remember when it was alleged that Paula Deen was racist at work? Well, she’s also allegedly unpredictable and high maintenance as a boss. In 2014, she closed her restaurant, Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House without warning, and employees only found out when they turned up to work only to find their workplace shuttered. It’s a pretty high maintenance boss that will shut down business on a whim, leaving employees to collect their severance checks in a parking lot. Definitely don’t take your boss lessons from Ms Deen.

4. Ben Stiller

Far from the jokey Zoolander-type pal you expect Ben Stiller to be, the slashie (actor/writer/director) is infamously high maintenance. His ex-personal assistant has made claims that part of his job involved carting around a blow dryer and hair products for Stiller, who apparently has some kind of hair obsession. The former assistant also divulged that he was required to serve Stiller his iced tea in a cup without condensation, which is a feat that defies science. Meanwhile, in the Sony email leaks, Sony’s chairman Tom Rathman called Stiller a “horrible human being."

 5. Steve Jobs

 Of all celebrity bosses, Steve Jobs is right up there with the most “high maintenance” of them all. Jobs, despite being the “genius” behind Apple, was known for his ruthlessness, and the sometimes impossible demands he put on his employees (and the wrath they faced if those demands weren’t met). Business partner Steve Wozniak has even said, "Steve Jobs had a lot of these questionable things, like some of my very best friends in Apple ... almost all of them said they would never, ever work for Steve Jobs again."



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