5 Greatest Moments Of Beyonce's Show-Stealing Super Bowl Performance

She came to slay!

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Beyonce may have technically been a guest star at Super Bowl 50, but she stole the show. Sorry Coldplay and Bruno Mars, but the superstar slayed the moment that she stepped foot onto the field. There were so many amazing moments. Here are our five favorites.

1. . Let’s Get Into “Formation”

Beyonce broke the Internet with her unabashedly fierce song “Formation” but to watch her perform it live was something else. She represented her heritage (“My daddy Alabama. Mama Lousiana. You mix that negro with that Creole, make a Texas bama”) and shut haters down about Blue's hair (“I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros”) in front of millions—and it was excellence.

2. . Michael Jackson Tribute

Beyonce’s black and gold military-inspired look is a direct nod to Michael Jackson’s Super Bowl costume from 1993. The Queen pays homage to the King of Pop.

3. . Dance-Off

Beyonce versus Bruno Mars in a dance-off. A lot of people forget that Bruno Mars CAN dance and he put in that work trying to keep up with Bey.

4. . Black Power

“Formation” is Beyonce’s most politically charged song so it’s no wonder that her dancers reflected this mood. Beyonce’s dancers honored the Black Panthers with their all-black outfits. Later, they put a fist up for the political group, which was founded 50 years ago (incidentally, not too far from the Super Bowl stadium). 

5. . Never Slipping

At one point of her frenzied dancing, the superstar almost took a spill but her agility—or divine intervention—saved her. Sorry gravity. You won’t catch this diva slipping.

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