5 Makeup Tutorials That Will Change Your Life

Looking fab is just a YouTube video away. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Makeup can change your look dramatically, no matter what it is you're trying to achieve - you just have to know how to use it. These makeup tutorials are so easy yet effective, even the most makeup-inept among us can leave the house looking amazing.

1. Wayne Goss's Contouring Tutorial

So fresh. So pretty. So subtle. Wayne Goss is a wizard when it comes to makeup, and his channel is filled with all kinds of tips and tricks you never knew you needed, but which will seriously up your game. The above video will tell you everything you need to achieve a Kardashian-worthy contour.

2. Michelle Phan's Liquid Eyeliner Tips

Michelle Phan is pretty much a household name at this point, and for good reason - her makeup tutorials are easy to follow and full of useful information. Watch the above video to conquer your fear of liquid eyeliner.

3. Kandee Johnson's 7-Minute Glam Tute

Everyone needs to have at least one easy-to-accomplish glam look in their beauty arsenal. The tutorial above is perfect for those nights when your BFF invites you out for a night on the town but only gives you a half hour to get ready. 

4. Makeup Geek's Neutral Look

Not everyone likes their makeup to be obvious, but achieving that perfect natural look can be a real challenge. Makeup Geek's natural makeup look in the video above is a perfect every day look that can be achieved in very little time.

5. Patricia Bright's Baked Makeup Look

The aptly named Patricia Bright is a ray of sunshine. In the above video, she shows you how to get a flawless finish by baking your makeup. (Don't know what "baking" your makeup is? Don't worry, you're not alone. Watch the video and all will be revealed.)

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