5 Reasons It Would Totally Suck To Be North West

The life of 2-year-old Nori looks charmed—and it is—but it also kind of sucks.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

North West. Even before she was born, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was already the most famous kid in the world. We’ve watched her grow up in paparazzi photos, her mom’s Instagram and the pages of Vogue. The life of 2-year-old Nori looks charmed—and it is—but it also kind of sucks. Why?

1. Paparazzi Frenzy

When you’re North West, your entire life is on the record. You step outside and it’s blinding lights from photographers and people screaming your name.  Your parents can’t totally shield you from the paparazzi because they love them too. Whether you’re walking to ballet class or shopping at the grocery store, there’s no privacy. Can a girl get some alone time to herself? 

2. Everything You Do is Judged

EVERYTHING you do is watched—and ripped apart---by the public. Remember that one time when you cried at Fashion Week and it became international news? Or, when you licked a lolly and the Internet trolled you for days? Even as a toddler, you have to deal with haters.

3. Fashion Dynasty

Baby clothes are cute but when you’re North West, a fuzzy sweater with a bear on it isn’t going to cut it. Both of your parents are fashionistas so you better bring the fierce game always. High fashion—even if it’s uncomfortable or makes no sense for the playground—is required.

4. Family Pressure

Your parents are the Most Famous People On the Planet. When your mom is a sex symbol and your dad is running for President in 2020, you can’t be mediocre. North West has to be the best in everything she does. Gorgeous? Check. Creative? You bet. Successful? She better be.

5. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

It’s bad enough North’s immediate family is KimYe but she’s also a part of the extended Kardashians. Living with momager Kris Jenner and watching aunt Kendall Jenner be a supermodel ain’t easy. To top it off, cousin Penelope is right around her age, so you know everyone will compare them to each other for the rest of their lives. 

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