5 Reasons Laverne Cox Is Perfect For 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' Remake

Laverne Cox is going to kill it.


By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Laverne Cox will be this generation's Dr. Frank N. Furter! Excited yet? Get ready, because Fox just announced their plans to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show and turn it into a two-hour long TV movie, set to debut in 2016. At the helm is director and choreographer Kenny Ortega, the man responsible for such campy classics as Newsies and the High School Musical films, while Laverne has been cast as everyone's favorite sexually fluid mad scientist. Tim Curry may have first made the role iconic in the 1975 original, but here are 5 reasons we're totally confident that Laverne is going to kill it.

1. No one has charisma like her.

Laverne Cox has got presence like no other. Her interpretation of the role is going to be totally different from the original, and that's exactly why it'll be awesome.

2. She can sing.

What, you didn't know Laverne could belt it? She is a woman of many talents. Just check out this clip of her doing karaoke with Serena Williams, and then get excited about getting to see this goddess cover "Sweet Transvestite."

3. Those legs, though!

Look, let's be real: Laverne Cox has an amazing body. Her legs are absolutely to-die-for. She is so going to rock the costumes for this role.

4. She can bring something new to the role.

RHPS is all about all about challenging gender expectations and having fun while you do it. It's nice to see producers go in a new direction and cast someone other than a straight white guy.

5. Did I mention she's fierce?

Because it just had to be said.

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