5 Reasons To Go Vegan For The Hungry At Heart

And why you shouldn't make me do this alone!

By Jazzi Johnson

Lately, I’ve been considering veganism. Every time I visit the grocery store, this overwhelming feeling of guilt overcomes me when I pick up meat or processed foods, and it's like politely asking a dog to not beg for bacon-- it's bacon, what do you mean?! There's a looming sense of my inner-self yelling: “LOVE YOURSELF, WOMAN!” and essentially, the act of proving that to myself is to eat better.

Of course, eating better doesn’t necessarily mean letting go of poultry, beef, and processed foods, but it seems to be the inevitable step for me. Here are five reasons I’ve been compelled to go vegan as of late, and why you should maybe consider it, too.

1. . The Food Industry Is Shady

I’m not one for conspiracies (because we certainly have enough of those), but I’ve seen enough tuna can callbacks, Chipotle E.coli scares, and Netflix documentaries to know that the American food industry doesn’t implore the best practices known to man. There’s a whole list of things from ethics to sustainability that have caused me to question every delicious bite of Chef Boyardee and ignore the sluggishness in my step after falling into a sugar coma. Sure, we all do it, but self-love, right?

2. . DJ Khaled

Thank u! I got more energy to! Vegan alert ! @22daysnutrition !!!

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If you’ve been following everyone’s favorite Snapchatter like I have, you know that DJ Khaled is committed to the 22 Days Nutrition challenge. It’s the same program endorsed by Beyonce last year, even though most people wouldn't spend $625 for 22-days worth of groceries! I’m accustomed to seeing him working out and calling on his personal chef to cook up a healthy meal, but now he’s often seen warming up his pre-made vegan dish on his tour bus and stating the obvious afterwards: "They don’t want to see us go vegan."

3. . Eggs Are Not My Friend

Somehow eggs have become my enemy. Smelling them makes me nauseous. Buying them makes me sad. And you don’t even want to know what happens to me when they’re scrambled. Whatever has caused this battle between eggs and me is still going strong -- I haven’t bought a carton of them for an entire two months. If you have any foods that have done the same to you, take a second to think about why. Your body may be telling you something. I hear it telling you not to let me go through this journey alone. Joooiinn meeee. 

4. . Prince


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The god of shade, baby hairs, perfect skin, and beautiful women is all that I’d need to know about Prince if I hadn't already known he's a musical genius. It’s only right that he was voted ‘Sexiest Vegetarian’ by PETA in 2006, although he’s been publicly known as a strict vegan since 1999. In the liner notes of his album, “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic,” he wrote the Mohandas Gandhi quote: "2 my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.” If going vegan will help me look as great as Prince at 57 and still have someone young, fine, and intelligent on my arm, I’m all in!

5. . You'll Become A Better Cook

Inevitably, going vegan also means learning how to effectively cook. Flavors won’t be the same. And I know that, initially, my satisfaction will probably be sub-par. Quite frankly, I can’t live my life like that. I don't want to eat food that doesn't make me want to sing and dance. So the only alternative is to become so invested in the lifestyle that I know how to cook everything to perfection. I imagine my future husband (or boyfriend for that matter) won’t mind, either. Feminists like to feed (and eat), too!

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