5 Songs To Get You In The Mood For Halloween

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

By Eric Shorey

Some people are down with Christmas (basics...) but others are all about Halloween. While Jesus's birthday has entire radio stations dedicated to it, the spookiest night of the year doesn't have much going for it by way of music. To rectify that, we're counting down 5 songs to get you in the mood for All Hallows Eve.

1. "My Body's A Zombie For You" by Dead Man's Bones

Few people know that in 2009 Ryan Gosling formed a horror-punk duo with buddy Zach Shields. The group even performed live in makeshift haunted houses with full childrens choirs all across the United States. Their self-titled album was entirely composed of love songs about ghosts, demons, skeletons, and vampires. This particular song features the beloved Hollywood heartthrob crooning about the undead.

2. "Monster" by Kanye West

Yeah, of course Kanye's ode to horror cinema is going to make this list, if only so that we can forever remember the time he was eviscerated by Nicki on his own damn album. (And let's just pretend Jay Z's verse never really existed.)

3. "This Club Is A Haunted House" by Sharon Needles

RuPaul's Queen of Halloween created this loving homage to an entire generation of macabre club kids and party-goers. Sharon Needles has always put the gore in gorgeous -- "I feel sexy in anything," she often jokes. "Even a body bag."

4. "Candy" by BAND NAME TBD

Halloween isn't all about Frankensteins and Draculas. It's also about getting really high on sugar! Here's Scarlet Johansson's un-named band's ultra-ironic pop song about, what else, candy!

5. "Werewolf" by Cocorosie

The avant-garde duo of sinister sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady created the strange song "Werewolf" to document their bizarre relationship with their mysterious father. 

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