The Prancing Elites Project: 5 Stupid Questions People Ask Black, Gay Dancers

Smart answers to stupid questions

It’s not easy being part of The Prancing Elites. When they’re not killing it onstage, the Alabama crew is often fending off ridiculous and stereotypical questions offstage. The Elites push the boundaries of race, gender and sexuality...but not everyone is as progressive. Adrian Clemons, Kentrell Collins, Kareem Davis, Jerel Maddox and Tim Smith humor us with five of the stupidest questions people ask them all the time. 

1. .  Are you gay?

By far the most common (and tacky) question is about The Elites’ sexuality. “Are you gay?” and “How does it feel to be gay?” are some of the oh-so-not-subtle ways people get personal.

2. .  When did you know you were gay?

Another way too personal question that often comes up. Jerel has the perfect response: “When did you know you were straight? Answer that.”

3. .  In the relationship, are you the man or the woman?

Kentrell shares this outdated and stupid question. 

4. .  How do you have sex?

Adrian says he’s heard this one before. This can also be rephrased about specific sexual positions. Sheesh. TMI.

5. .  Are all gay people talented?

The Elites are not here to give you a makeover. Stop asking them for fashion tips or makeup advice. Jerel says it best, “Don’t ask me questions. I’m gay. That’s all you need to know.”

Hear all the stupid questions The Elites are asked below:

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