5 Times Jennifer Lopez Looked Way Better Than You


By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Jennifer Lopez is like the living, breathing embodiment of the praise hands emoji. Let's be real — everything about the woman is pretty much flawless. Her makeup always looks magazine-worthy, her hair always looks like she just got done filming a shampoo commercial, and her body has been #goals since like, 1997. With Lopez's newest project, "World of Dance," premiering tonight at 10/9c on NBC, we've gathered five times J.Lo looked so good it almost wasn't even fair. 

1. That Time Her Makeup Was Flawless

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Her makeup is everything in this pic. Not only has she mastered that dewy, better-than-natural glow, but her lashes are insane and her choice to go with a nude lip to complete the look is perfect. Add in the Farrah Fawcett hair and the earrings, and she is serving 70s glam babe and I am so into it.

2. That Time She Achieved The Perfect Pony

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Do you see how perfect of a ponytail that is? The brown ombre look is totally stunning on her and her edges are smoother than they have any right to be. Ariana Grande is shook.

3. That Time She Slayed While Taking A Selfie

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J.Lo has always had a great sense of style, but this is one of her best outfits yet. Between the simple yet elegant powder blue dress and the fun pontytail and hoop earrings, it's a definite look, one that she wears well. 

4. That Time Her Legs Were The Things Dreams Are Made Of

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Does J.Lo go for a 5-mile run every day? Pilates? CrossFit? She must be doing something to keep her legs that toned and the world wants to know. How many people didn't even have any leg goals until they saw this pic? It's almost enough to make you want to go to the gym and actually work on that whole New Year's resolution/getting healthy thing.

Almost, anyway.

5. That Time She Owned The Stage

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This is what confidence looks like. It's not easy to get on stage in a skintight sequin jumpsuit and own it, but Jennifer absolutely killed it here. Between that larger-than-life glamourous hair and her power pose, this pic is everything.

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