5 Times Online Dating Didn't Suck

These fairy tale endings give us hope. 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

One in three married couples are meeting onlineSites like eHarmony or Match promise to find your soul mate while apps offer love at a swipe. Despite the side eye online dating sometimes gets (especially on this blog), it’s working for many people. Men lie, women lie, but statistics don’t lie. Don’t delete that profile before you read five stories from real ladies in my life —in various stages of amour--who prove that online dating isn't always a godawful sh**storm. Yes, we hate them, but they also give the rest of us hope. 

1. One More Click

Name: Jessica

Site: OKCupid

Currently: Married

Dating was a second job for Jessica. “A few years back, I was on OK Cupid. I was lucky to get a lot of great messages from smart-seeming, normal guys, so I was excited to explore every opportunity I could,” she says. After the initial high wore off, she felt trapped. “Dating had become my second job.  I found myself using any free time I had (which was almost non-existent) to go on dates, to mitigate rejections, to circumvent misleading profiles, and to give second and third chances to guys who didn’t deserve it.” After the “text-juggling, ego-shattering nightmare,” she was done with online dating. She told her friend she was hanging it up…after the very last guy on her profile.

He seemed nice and cute and he complimented her haircut in his initial message. Good thing Jess stuck with it. “5 years later, I married that guy.”

2. Excel in Love

Name: Mariah

Site: OKCupid

Currently: Dating

Mariah turned dating into her own DIY project. She was on several sites (OKCupid, JDate and Match) at the same time and challenged herself to go on at least one date a week. With all these different options, she kept her dates organized on an Excel spreadsheet with names, astrological signs and other important information. Think of it as a modern Little Black Book. At any moment, she could trace back who she met, where they went and some interesting tidbit about him. This also gave her the perfect timeline; after six months she would check-in with dates to see where things were really going. Not a keeper? Next! It’s all in the details. Meticulous Mariah snagged not one, but two long-term boyfriends (at different times) using her systematic method.

3. Jay-Z Found Me A Man

Name: Keyshia

Site: Tinder

Currently: Dating

Keyshia’s middle name was picky. The pretty entertainment professional had a full social life and endless dating options but she always—and I mean always—found something wrong with them. Too short. Too nice. No swag. Blah blah blah. She went on a dating hiatus for several years (“I can be bad all by myself!”). After she reached the big 3-0, she decided it was time to get back on the saddle. Refusing to commit to a dating site, she signed up for Tinder and put one line as her bio. It was a Jay Z song lyric. “I don’t want to date anyone who doesn’t know what that reference is,” she said. Lo and behold, she found a match! One line. One Jay Z song lyric and she broke her dry spell. Who says rappers can’t find you love?

4. Missed Connections

Name: Kelly

Site: OKCupid

Currently: Serious Relationship

A lot of women get frustrated by online dating—or dating in general—but Kelly was a trooper. For years, she went on dates. OKCupid, Match, Tinder, the list went on and on. She would often come to the very edge of almost sealing the deal, but things would fall apart. During one of her many OKCupid runs (There were several) she met a guy and they exchanged a few messages. Nothing earth-shattering or particularly memorable. He himself was fed up with the online dating scene so he did something bold. “Hey. I’m deleting my profile. If you want to talk here’s my number,” he said. They exchanged digits but life happened and they never met up. Fast-forward several months, he texts her out of the blue. She had just ended a lame online relationship and was open to meeting him. Timing really is everything. They hit it off and are currently in a serious relationship.

5. Six Degrees of Romance

Site: Hinge

Currently: Engaged

Singles often ask their friends to hook them up with other friends, and Hinge is based on that second-degree of love. The app -- which finds you matches within friends-of-friends -- really works. Kim, a successful film executive, was so busy that she never had time to meet the right guy. On a whim, she joined Hinge and met an interesting TV writer. A few months later, they’re engaged. She laughs now, thinking about how close he was to her the entire time. He’s a friend-of-a-friend that she should have run into at a dinner party or cocktail hour, but it was Hinge that made it happen.


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