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5 Times The Internet Came For Body Shamers And Won

The internet can be a phenomenally vicious place.

Maybe it’s all the Dove commercials I’ve seen over the course of my lifetime, but I just so happen to love the skin I’m in. Standards of beauty come and go, but feeling good about your body is here to stay. Don’t agree? Then keep your thoughts to yourself. Here are five times body shamers came for celebrities, but the internet fought back and won. 

1. .  Olympic Gymnast Alexa Moreno


Alexa Moreno represented Mexico as a gymnast in the 2016 Rio Olympics. When the internet came for her calling Moreno “out of shape” and accusing her of being too heavy to compete, fans around the world came to her support, knocking the haterade right out of those haters’ hands.

"Goddamnit, the moment we see someone different, who tries to do something, we turn all Mexican!! Alexa Moreno, you make us proud!!"

Body shaming is never cool, but body shaming someone who can do arial splits on a balance beam is just plain stupid. 

2. .  Trump vs. The Universe


Venezuelan native Alicia Machado was crowned Miss Universe in 1996 at the age of eighteen. During her reign, Donald Trump, the former executive producer of the pageant, publically criticized Machado for her “weight gaining problem,” stating, “Miss Piggy couldn’t stop eating.” He even accompanied her to the gym with reporters to photograph her exercising while Trump stood beside her in a suit and tie and said to reporters, “this is somebody who likes to eat.” A number of other pageant contestants admitted to succumbing to pressure from Trump to be in “peak physical condition.” Hillary Clinton brought this and other complaints from former Miss America contestants to light in a 2016 presidential debate, and Trump worsened the response to his response by making yet another sexist comment about her. Oy vey!

3. .  Demi Lovato Under The Sea


Demi Lovato has been open about the toll childhood fame has taken on her body image. She talks openly about her struggles with eating disorders, so when a fan posted an image he had drawn of Demi as a sexy-sexy mermaid, Demi tweeted back, “gorgeous, but that’s not my body.” Another fan then took it upon himself to respond to the criticism by drawing a second, significantly less flattering image of Lovato, and the internet came to her defense saying that neither image was cool, and emphasizing the importance of realistic depictions of the female human form in the media.

4. .  Serena Williams Frees The Nipple


In the semi-finals match of the 2016 Wimbelton tournament, all star Serena Williams caught shade from the internet for her nipples being too distracting to focus on the match. Um, yeah. Serena’s fans weren’t having it and quickly came to her defense and Serena went on to defeat her opponent, Elena Vesnina 6-2, 6-0 in 49 minutes. It was the fastest defeat in a Wimbledon semi-final match ever. Take that, oh ye malicious eggs of Twitter.

5. .  DJ Skhumba Hlophe


In the ongoing saga of tennis, feminism, and nipples, Kaya FM DJ Skhumba Hlophe commented that topless #FeesMustFall protestors were right to protest, but criticized those who had gone topless in a social media post: “Please don’t show your boobs,” he said. “When a boob shows‚ it should look like a tennis (ball). These females are showing hanging boobs that look like wet all-stars without shoe laces. Others have big tummies with silver stripes.” Seven thousand individuals signed a petition asking for him to be removed from the station, and though Skhumba eventually got to keep his job, he did issue a heartfelt apology, stating that he has never apologised for anything he’s done in his life but felt the need to apologise for this one. Meh, I don't buy it. My guess is that all of the hoop-la is just his way of dealing with his saggy balls and tiny penis.

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