5 Unknown Facts We Learned About Drake During His Epic Nardwuar Interview

Drake and Jamaica have an even more scandalous history than we thought.

By Jazzi Johnson

Everyone's favorite doot-doot-doer, Nardwuar Serviette, just had an epic interview with Drake and his friend and producer Noah "40" Shebib. The now record-breaking Views From The 6 artist took out an entire hour of his time to stroll down memory lane with the mysterious musical history digger, Nardwuar.

Here are the top five things we learned from the interview.

1. . Drake damn near got arrested in Jamaica, and ruined a great possible love connection.

Asked if he almost got arrested with Jamaican artist Mavado, Drake explained that the police monitor shows and don’t like artists to swear. “I was just excited to be in Jamaica so I started cussing up a storm—and yeah, they were about to arrest me,” said Drake. “But luckily I think Beenie Man was there, and a bunch of people were there, and they were just trying to explain to the police that I didn't understand. But man, big up all the guys that were there that night because they saved my life."

But the plot of what he described as a "wild night" also included a romance cut short. "Movado came to pick me up in a caravan of cars and I was with somebodyI won't say her namebut I was with somebody that night and it was like our first time ever going out together. And needless to say, she did not stick around. She definitely left and never spoke to me again, so..." he concluded the story, looking to the ground with an explosive laugh.

2. . Drake and 40 have unreleased songs with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, who they met and worked with before Lil' Wayne.

"We have a long history with Dr. Dre. We were blessed enough to be part of the Record One troops, and we had our experience being part of that. It was nerve-wrecking and we were young, but we tried our best. He gave us a shot and we did what we did," he said. "I don't know if any of those tracks ever surfaced, but there was a lot of music back then. And I got to work with Snoop Dogg at that time, and a bunch of people."

3. . Drake doesn't remember the first time he and 40 met, but 40 does.

"[This was] my first writing credit," 40 said, referring to the Divine Brown single "Twist My Hair." "[It was] the first song I produced on an album. I was [Brown's] engineer. So, I was engineering her album and she believed in me enough to give me a chance to produce a record and she used one of my records and this was it. That's the first day I met Drake," 40 said, standing next to a then shocked Drake, exclaiming "Wow!"

"Socrates brought him," 40 continued. "[B]ecause Socrates was producing all of the records on this album and I produced this one. And so, he got Drake to come in and do a remix," he continued. "And Drake and Boi 1da came into the studio, and that's the first day I met Drake." Drake, however, admitted that the day 40 holds dear is a "complete blur" to him. It would be a year or two later that their dynamic partnership began to fully form.

5. . Drake has never-ending lust for Pam Grier.

"I love Pam Grier," he told Nardwuar. "I still lust after Pam Grier to this day. I tried to find her," he admitted. "I tried following her on Twitter and Instagram but I don't think it's the real her. She was one of my first muses... She shaped my idea of what a woman was as far as curves, shape and body," he continued. "And Pam Grier's what I fell in love with as a young guy."

There's definitely no denying that Drake has a "type," at least when it comes to the women in most of his records. Now that the man has even topped Beyonce with his opening week sales, maybe someone will be kind enough to make his school dream come true of meeting the legend. You never know.

If you have an hour, plus (appropriately) six minutes to spare, curl up and watch the entertaining interview in full below.

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