5 Ways To Keep Your Makeup Sweatproof This Summer

You, too, can look like one of those improbable Instagram makeup girls.

By Alida Nugent

We’re in the armpit of summer right now, which means that many of us are pretending to enjoy being outside while wishing we could be inside covered in fans and ice cubes. Summer is only fun when you’re on vacation. When you’re on a beach, sipping a mai tai, it’s pure heaven. When you’re on the subway at 8am, squished between a bunch of sweaty people who don’t wear deodorant, summer sucks. Makeup in the summer should be a crime, but since I look so good in it, I’m at an impasse. I won’t give up my cat eye for anyone, even if by 2pm it looks like I’m Beyoncé in the ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ video! I’m kidding. I would literally never look anything like Beyoncé, as I am just a mere mortal. But! I have some good makeup products for you to use to, at the very least, look put together in summer makeup and not like you’re hysterically crying or just went under a waterfall:

1. . Blotting Papers

I’m traveling in a time machine with these damn blotting papers. Do you guys remember the blue Clean & Clear ones you got at WalMart during your middle school puberty? When your face was an oil spill and you didn’t know how to handle it? Those aren’t that good, and they smear your makeup. They make better ones now. Ones that you will keep your makeup looking great while getting rid of oil, subway grime, sweat, and the like. Keep these in your purse and pat them on your face once you get a little moist and you can last a whole day with your makeup. Sephora makes ones that smell like rose, Boscia makes ones that smell like green tea, but. Dude. Milk Brand makes ones that….well, you can roll them. Into things. That is all I can say about that. 

2. . L'Oréal Infallible ProMatte 16-Hour Powder

I love expensive makeup products, but my wallet doesn’t. And I’m a big fan of drugstore products, because here’s a secret: if you know where to look, you can get any makeup product at the drugstore that works just as good as expensive brands. But sometimes! Sometimes, the drugstore will blow expensive products out of the water and be even BETTER. This is one of those products.  It comes in a range of shades but if you can’t colormatch exactly, don’t worry: it’s subtle and sheer enough to work on everyone. It takes away oil and keeps you looking matte. Pat this stuff under your eyes, on concealer, or take a big fluffy brush and put it all over your face and you will see some magic. I don’t know if it lasts 16 hours, but it does last a long time. If you’re going to be outside for a bit, keep it around for touch ups. Hot tip: never use the little sponge applicator they give you. Use a brush!

3. . NYX Tinted Brow Mascara


Brow pomades, pencils and gels look amazing and make your brows look like you’re one of those Instagram makeup girls. But if you’re not setting them with a gel on the hottest days of the summer, you’re going to look like a mountain troll. They will melt off your face. It will be messy. So do me a favor: set your brows. Take a tinted mascara, a clear brow gel, or even hairspray on a mascara wand and set it. You can even do this on a beach or before you get in a pool and it won’t run. That’s how stayproof this ish is.

4. . Mario Bedescu Facial Spray

Facial Sprays are underrated in the summer because they seem counterproductive: sweating? Oh! Guess I should spray my face with more water! Seriously, though, this stuff works. It refreshes you. It refreshes your makeup. If you are wearing heavy matte foundation to combat the sweat, it keeps it from getting cakey. I can’t recommend this stuff enough. It also keeps you smelling good, which is an extra bonus. The one I love has rosewater, which I bet is calming or something when it's 105 degrees out.

5. . CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara

We all know waterproof mascara is the #1 product in the sweatproof makeup game. Most of us wear mascara every day, even if we’re doing “no makeup” or “light makeup.” But waterproof mascara is also the worst. It rips out all our eyelashes. It’s hard to get off. And sometimes, it still manages to smudge. However, this is one of the better ones I’ve found. It gives light coverage and volume, so you can build it up depending on the occasion. And it’s not so horrible to get off with makeup remover. And so far, it hasn’t smudged. Try it!


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