5 Signs Your Binge-Watching Has Become A Problem

Turn off Netflix and venture out into the real world. But take a damn shower first.

By Jazzi Johnson

The instant gratification gifted to us through online streaming can never truly be determined. The problem, however, is that sometimes our obsession with characters can go overboard. Binge-watching a show's entire season in one week is one thing; binge-watching an entire series with seven seasons and 27 episodes per season is another thing. In fact, it's an entirely different beast. Often times, we don't even realize we're headed towards that disaster of a beautiful, hot-mess of a month until it's too late.

Fear no longer: here are the five definite signs you're headed towards a binge-watching addiction.

1. . You think about the next episode throughout the day: in the shower, at work, cooking dinner, etc.

If normal, everyday activities become too inundated with your favorite characters, you may be acquiring a binge-watching addiction. And if you find yourself staring off into space when the stove top is heating up or when the shower reaches boiling point temperatures-- seek help immediately!  

2. . You begin to blow off plans with humans to stay inside to watch 'just one more.'

Yup, I've been there. And to be honest: sometimes the show is just that much better than any lame plans you may have. But if you start getting phone calls about neglect, or find yourself forgetting work tasks, or missing important bottomless brunches because you just need to see "one more" episode-- you, my friend, have a problem.

3. . You find yourself anxiously dreading the end of the show because, reality.

Just five more episodes? Say it isn't so. If you find yourself sweating with the thought that your safe haven away from reality is coming to an end, then you've arrived at addiction town. Trust me, I know the feeling well. The best way to ease the pain is to just get it over with. Yes, all of your favorite characters may very well be dead by the end of the week, but reality isn't so bad. Plus, you can always go through this hell all over again.

4. . You begin to have less and less time for yourself.

Those clothes you were supposed to wash for your big day at work? Yeah, if they're less important than finding out what the hell happened after Ross declared he and Rachel were on a break (because no one does), then you've reached the thin line between priorities and lazy adult -- and you've crossed it. Admit that you have a problem. Pick yourself up. And get some self-love activities done. Joey can't love everybody.

5. . You are officially teetering on an alternate life, invested in these characters alone.

If #4 was completely foreign to you because you've entirely lost track of what it is that you're even supposed to do this week, just know that you are the ultimate example of a good binge-watch gone wrong. You have fallen totally victim to pathetic (yet, oh so emotionally fulfilling) binge-watching. And I'm not judging you. Oh, no. I understand. But whether or not you watch the next episode will not help determine the fate of Rob Stark. Everyone in Game Of Thrones is bound to die anyway. The show will still be there when you're ready to watch responsibly. Season 6 just started for goodness sake! Just take a damn shower.

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