5 Ways to Prepare for Cuffing Season

Summer's almost over. It's time to settle down! 

By Khalea Underwood

Summer days (and those hot, steamy nights) are dwindling down, and the humdrum of cooler evenings are right around the corner. If you were lucky enough to find a rom com-worthy fling, congratulations – but what happens when sweater weather officially hits? It’s not too early to start thinking about cuffing season: namely, the fall and winter months when some people prefer to date exclusively. In order to secure a cuffee, consider these steps. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a sweetie who’s worth keeping around all year.

1. Start Weeding Out Potentials. 

Combine all of your Hinge hookups with your random bar conquests and the crushes you connected with during your beach holiday. You’re dealing with a wide pool of people! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with playing the field, but it’s hard to find one person worthy of your devotion if you’re entertaining an entire army. Take some time and think about the person that you can’t stop thinking about. Which one makes you laugh the most? Which one have you developed an actual rapport with? Is the connection more than just physical? If so, that’s the one who’s worthy of your consideration.

2. Make Your Intentions Known.

There’s no need to DTR right away, but you should let your interest(s) know what your intentions are. Do you just want a companion in the sheets for chilly nights? An activity partner? Or eventually, do you desire an actual relationship that will withstand the test of time? Honesty is the best policy when it comes to any situationship – and it’ll help avoid the awkward “where is this going?” conversation if (or when) one party catches feelings.

3. Tidy Up Your Life.

Cuffing season involves a lot of time in the great indoors – homemade meals in the kitchen, Netflix nights on the couch and romantic romps in between the toasty sheets. Make sure that your place is in tip-top shape before you entertain your company. And you don’t get to slack off just because you won’t be wearing your short-shorts and open toed slingbacks! When you look good, you feel better – so book a few appointments with your regular manicurist and hair stylist in advance. Keep it cute!

4. Come Up With Cute Date Ideas. 

Yes, those low-key date nights are a perk of cuffing season – but you don’t want to catch cabin fever! Start thinking of fun things to do with your cuffee in order to keep things hot. While you’re getting to know your potential object of desire, scope out their interests to keep things interesting in the future. Are they game for taking in a play, or perusing a museum? Being proactive and drafting a game plan will win you major points.

5. Don't force it.

Don’t rush into any kind of relationship just because cuffing season is beginning. If you’re not ready, then you’re not ready. Seeking seasonal happiness – and committing to someone or something that will make you miserable – can end your relationship faster than it starts. Everyone won’t be paired off once the season rolls around…so if you want to stay summertime single, feel free! The choice is yours.

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