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50 Cent's Son Says This Is Why He And His Dad Don't Talk

You will not believe this.

Things have long been rocky between 50 Cent and his ex Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of his oldest son Marquise. 50 and Shaniqua were at each other's throats on social media last year, and 50 even took a few shots at having to pay child support for Marquise. It was kind of a mess.

It seems like there's no love lost between these three, and Marquise recently responded to everyone telling him that he needs to reach out to his biological father.

"Can you guys please stay out of my DMs and comments asking me to reach out," he wrote on Instagram. "LAST TIME I checked I was blocked. So take that elsewhere please & thank u."


50 blocked his own son? Yikes. That's all kinds of sad.

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