6 BOSS Cats That Are Clearly The Head Of The House

These cats don't take orders. They give them.

By Kat George

Our pets are sometimes more capable than we give them credit for. In The Secret Life of Pets, out in theaters July 8, we get to see what pets get up to when we leave them alone. But sometimes our pets show us their true capabilities right to our faces. Like these boss cats that are clearly the head of the house. Humans, obey!

1. This Boss Cat Whose Human Is Its Slave

This cat is so boss it’s managed to get its human to vacuum its fur while it lays back like royalty, occasional stretching out a leg to give instructions for where to vacuum less. Talk of domesticated, this cat is truly reigning over its human.

2. This Boss Cat That Doesn’t Walk Anywhere

This cat has nailed the art of having its employees do all the leg work. Literally. The “leg work” in this case translates to “all the walking," while boss cat hitches a ride on the back of whatever farm yard animal is going its way.


3. This Tiny Boss Kitten Showing Its Dog Buddy Who’s Boss

The rivalry between cat people and dog people is real. So too is the struggle for dominance between cats and dogs. This particular kitten is such a boss it easily makes its huge dog buddy submit. Which also makes it the cutest boss we’ve ever seen.

4. This Boss Cat Who Takes What It Wants

Speaking of the timeless battle between cats and dogs, this kitty is running rings around its co-habiting dog. Having decided it wants the big bed, the cat takes it from the dog, no argument. That’s Bruce Springsteen level bossing.

5. This Cat Who Has Literally Taken Over Being Boss

A true boss cat knows that when their human is trying to work, they absolutely can and should intervene with new directions. Those directions should involve scratching, petting, hugging, and anything else that involves paying full attention to boss cat while completely ignoring work set by human boss.

6. This Boss Cat From The Secret Lives Of Pets


Cat food from a box? How dare you!


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