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6 Crazy Soul Food Dishes You Need On Thanksgiving

Fill your Thanksgiving plate with these soul food twists!

Thanksgiving is the day for giving thanks— and eating tons of yummy food. Turkey and stuffing is great and all, but nothing beats a heaping helping of delicious, stick-to-your-ribs soul food. Whether you have a satisfying throwdown or just need some creative #foodporn to inspire your cooking, here's six crazy soul food dishes you need on Thanksgiving.

Fried Mac and Cheese


Mac and cheese belongs on every Thanksgiving table. Well, any table, to be honest. Make your mac better by deep frying it.

Cornbread Cake


Cornbread, cheese cornbread, jalapeño cornbread: it's all good. This cornbread cake, covered in mashed potatoes, gravy and fried chicken, takes the humble cornbread to new levels.

Fried Chicken Tacos


Sometimes you can't decide between fried chicken and tacos. Why not have both? A big hunk of chicken atop a tortilla makes for a tasty snack.

Fried Chicken Cones


Thanksgiving dinner can be awkward. Fried chicken inside of a waffle cone makes for the perfect, portable plate when you really don't want to sit down and talk to your relatives.

Sweet Potato Cupcakes


Thanksgiving is a carb overload. Get in some veggies with sweet potato cupcakes. That still counts right?

Pie In A Jar


Everything just tastes so much better in a mason jar. Deconstructing pumpkin pie into a pretty, layered dessert adds a modern twist to a classic.

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