6 Fun Facts About Alcohol

Yes, you can get it at McDonald's. 

Guys, the oldest recipe known to man is for beer. Drinking to get drunk is pretty much as old as humanity itself. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years. And yet, most people know very little about booze and its many nuances. Here are some fun facts you probably didn't know (and some facts you probably don't want to know...) about alcohol! 

1.  Alcohol literally seeps through your skin.

You know those mornings when you feel like you reek of alcohol? That’s because it is literally coming through your pores. Alcohol is mostly soluble in fat, so it passes easily through the body and, yes, the skin.

2.  When you blackout, it's because your brain temporarily can't make memories.

Alcohol, more specifically, ethenol, when consumed in large enough quantities can scramble the brain’s transmitters severely enough that they occasionally lose the ability to make long term memories. That’s why if you drink too much, you don’t remember wha ha happen. You can black or brownout by drinking quickly, not necessarily by drinking a lot. Women tend to blackout more than men because they have fewer enzymes in their bodies to break down the alcohol.

3.  Apples were originally for booze.

John Chapman, aka “Johnny Appleseed” did spread appleseeds across the western frontier in the early 1800s, but the apples he spread were meant to be fermented and consumed as hard cider rather than eaten whole. In fact, up until Prohibition, the main function of apples in America was the production of an alcoholic beverage. To be fair, drinking a fermented liquid was often safer than drinking water, which could be filled with dangerous bacteria at the time. As a consequence, most pioneers were mostly drunk all of the time. Hot Tub time machine, anyone?

4.  Some animals love it too.

Birds and bats are fans of fermented berries, and occasionally get so drunk that they crash while flying. The Malaysian pen-tailed tree shrew subsists entirely on a fermented bertam palm plant flower nectar which has an alcohol content of up to 3.8% alcohol. Elephants have been known to raid beer supplies. In 2010, elephants went on a drunken rampage in India after stumbling across a village’s supply of fermented rice drink. Monkeys steal drinks from tourists. A moose in Sweden got trashed off of fermented apples and eventually passed out in a small tree. They're just like us only cuter!

5.  Alcohol is a brain supressant. That's why you get drunk. 

Water soluble ethanol enters the blood stream and heads straight to the brain where it binds to glutamate and stops it from activating, which basically slooooows everything up there down. Alcohol also increases the release of dopamine in the brain, which makes you feel gooooood. It also interacts with GNBA (just like valium or Xanyy) which can make you feel sleeeeepy. So… slow, but happy and pretty much ready for a nap. Sounds like a party to me.

6. McBeer is totally a thing. Also, Whopper Wine.

A photo posted by Mike 🍍 (@mickeyprojects) on

It isn’t uncommon for McDonald's to sell beer along with their burgers, and Taco Bell just opened the first Taco Bell Cantina in Chicago that totally serves booze. Another one opens up in San Francisco later this year. Oh, and then there’s Whopper Wine. As if “black burgers” wasn’t a good enough idea on its own, Burger King released Whopper Wine to celebrate its 40th anniversary in Spain. Don’t worry. The barrels in which the grapes ferment are totally “flame grilled.”

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