6 Nail Trends To Fall In Love With In 2016

If you're looking for a way to spice up your manicure this year, look no further.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Whether you're a fan of glitter and glam or prefer more subdued, neutral shades, manicure inspiration was all over social media in 2015. We checked in with Carol J. Castillo, a nail technician with the PRIV app to help us identify six of our favorite nail trends that are bound to be big in 2016.

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1. . Super Long Nails

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Low on practicality but high on style, long nails were attention-grabbers on red carpets all year long—something that isn't likely to change, according to nail technician Carol J. Castillo. "Long nails will always be in style," Castillo shared, so don't be shy about showing off those perfectly painted talons.

2. . Experimental Shapes

Nail art aficionados have been experimenting more than ever with the shape of their nails. While some women favor a more edgy, pointed look, others have been rocking more rounded nails. When it comes to choosing a nail shape during your next manicure, don't be afraid to mix things up. There are more options than ever to explore.

3. . Metallic Nails

Whether you want your manicure to stand out against an understated outfit or complement an already bold ensemble, metallic nails are just the thing to really make your entire look pop.

4. . Accent Nails

Dramatic accent nails were everywhere in 2015. If you tend to favor more subdued manicures, an accent nail gives you the chance to get a little adventurous - even if only on one or two nails.

5. . Healthy Nails

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Super high-maintenance manicures that damage your nails in the long run have dwindled in popularity lately. Instead, healthy nails are the hottest trend of the year that's sure to carry over into 2016. Castillo recommends hydrating your cuticles to keep nails strong and healthy.

"It's like our scalp - if your scalp's healthy, your hair's gonna be healthy. Same for the nails," Castillo shared. The trick to keeping your nails in tip-top shape? A little bit of olive or coconut oil on the cuticles.

6. . The Natural Look

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From neutral shades to barely-there glazes, natural-look nails were big this year, and are expected to be even bigger in 2016. For a nice clean look, Castillo recommends choosing shades that match the color of your cuticle base as a subtle way to play up healthy, beautiful nails.
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