6 Pets Who Have Better Taste In Music Than You

Admit it, some pets have better taste in music than you.

By Kat George

Ever felt anxious that you’re not up to date with the best new music? It’s human to be worried that your music taste is sub par, but what happens when even your pets have better taste in music than you? In The Secret Life Of Pets, in theaters July 8, animal pals put their humans to shame when they rock out — and we found some real life pets who probably have better taste in music than you.

1. This dog who loves Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan can be pretty divisive, but he's at least cool. And this cool corgi knows all the harmonica chords, and isn’t afraid to sing along to some Dylan.

2. This cat who loves Drake

This cat loves Drake so much it lets its human make cute dance videos to “Hotline Bling." Meanwhile, this cat seems to zen with Drake, it’s even closing its eyes in rapture!


3. This dog who has good vibrations

This little guy knows where the party music is at and isn’t afraid to bring it. Not even is this dog jamming with good vibrations, we’re guessing this is the dog you want to invite to your party and ask to bring the playlist.

4. This hip-hop loving dog

We hate to break it to you, but this dog has more rhythm in its little butt than most humans do in their pinky fingers.

5. This dog whose favorite is Adele

Everyone loves Adele, but who do you know that sings Adele with as much passion as this pooch (other than Adele herself, of course)?

6. This head-banging dog from The Secret Life Of Pets

You have to be confident to look cool liking heavy metal, and the pup in The Secret Life Of Pets pulls it off much better than you ever did.


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