6 Products To Help You Eat A Little Healthier

Eat your veggies, dude.

By Alida Nugent

Summer is coming, and while I’m not one to go full fitness in order to “look” better in a bathing suit and fit some nonsensical and impossible standard, I do like to eat healthier in the summer. Why? It's hot. Plus, the produce of summer is so much better than the produce of winter. It’s time for creamy avocados and plump tomatoes and crisp cucumbers and ripe berries. And mango! It makes you feel lighter and ethereal and one with the earth to consume more whole grains and vegetables and things in the summer.

So eat a little better this summer, except of course at the occasional barbecue. You should definitely eat a lot of unhealthy cheesy food at barbecues. 

However, if you’re looking at your fridge and pantry and going “all I have is old ranch dressing and flour, that can’t be healthy at all” you’re right. Go shopping. And if you need some ideas on how to do it, I recommend some products below:

1. . Nutri Ninja Pro Blender

I always thought a crazy high-powered blender was too expensive, but this one has a price I can handle. All I have to do is stay at home a few weekend nights instead of burying my face in cocktails (another health benefit!) and I’ve saved the money up to buy one. A high-powered blender makes America’s favorite superfood, the smoothie, a lot easier to make at home. Which will make you eat healthier and save you the ridiculous 10 bucks a pop you have to spend to get it at the store. Try adding flax seeds or chia seeds to your smoothie, a mix of fresh and frozen berries, almond milk, and a whole banana. Go wild with a handful of spinach of spinach or kale or a spoonful of natural nut butter. A better blender will make the smoothie creamy and delicious instead of choppy and icy like my last cheapo blender. Bonus: you can make delicious sauces in this, too: peanut butter and soy sauce and Sriracha for an easy stir fry sauce, chickpeas and tahini and lemon for a quick hummus, or garlic and herbs and oil for a meat marinade.

2. . Bragg's Nutritional Yeast

Sure, this looks like fish food. And kind of smells like fish food. But it’s actually a vegan substitute for cheese that contains protein and a lot of B vitamins (including B12, which is notoriously hard to get enough of) and tastes pretty good. As a non-vegan, I can tell you it doesn’t taste exactly like cheese, but it does add a bit of that salty funkiness that makes eating cheese so addicting. Put it on popcorn, sprinkle it on that precious avocado toast of yours, or use it in place of Parmesan (not all the time, I’m not a monster!!) to top pasta.  Then you can tell your mom your totally getting your vitamins in.

3. . A Spiralizer

Spiralizing Vegetables do not make vegetables taste like pasta. I’m a big fan of pasta, and I’ve found that only pasta tastes like pasta. But if you buy a good one, and not just a crappy one that you buy at the dollar store, you can do a lot of fun things with it that make eating healthier a little more….fun? Using this device is fun. Spiralize carrots or zucchini and cut them a little, add them to fresh noodles, and make Pad Thai a little easier. Spiralize cucumber and add fresh dill and Greek Yogurt for a salad. Spiralize potatoes, season them with olive oil and paprika, and bake them in the oven until they are crispy for baked curly fries. Do it with carrots and add herbs and cumin for Moroccan Carrot salad. Spiralize zucchini and make pasta sauce and pretend it’s pasta if you’re a lunatic, or go my route and cut it with some real noodles so it’s just a little healthier but still good. Eat your veggies, dude.

4. . Trader Joe's Organic Brown Rice And Quinoa Pasta

Like I said, I’m a big fan of pasta, but I’m always looking for the best alternatives that have more fiber and more protein than regular pasta. Most of them taste like cardboard. They’re awful. This one doesn’t taste bad at all. Besides the look, it’s not so different than regular boxed pasta---plus it takes a little less time to cook! You also can achieve al dente results with this, which is pretty amazing. Make pasta salad with this guy, or just eat it any old way you’d make pasta. It’s good. Even my dad likes it.

5. . Wine

Aren't there always studies about how heart healthy wine is? So we better keep drinking it. Don't want our ole hearts to give out. Yep. Bonus: it's summer, so add some sparkling water and sliced up peaches to it. Or strawberry and basil lemonade topped off with some prosecco. It's vegetables and greens! 

6. . The C (Oil) Word

I’m not going to endorse coconut oil on this or any site because everybody knows about it, it’s expensive enough already, and I’m tired of reading beauty articles that tell me to slather it on my face. But you know it’s heart healthy, tastes pretty good in food, and you should totally buy it. 

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