6 Reasons Everyone Is Talking About The New Fall Show, 'This Is Us'

Part comedy, part drama, This Is Us tackles both the sweeter, and the harder parts of life, love and relationships. 

Everyone is talking about NBC’s new show This Is Us, which premieres Sept. 20 at 10/9cWatch the trailer, which is the most watched of any fall show (64 million views on Facebook alone!) and it’s not hard to see why. Based around the lives of five people who share the same birthday, This Is Us, starts on their shared 36th, a day which quickly becomes a turning point in all their lives. Part comedy, part drama, This Is Us tackles both the sweeter, and the harder parts of life, love and relationships. And it’s about to become part of your weekly viewing repertoire. If you’re wondering what the hype is about, here are six reasons this show has everyone talking.  

1. It's Mandy Moore’s TV Comeback

For those of us in or entering our thirties, we’ve been missing Mandy Moore like candy. She's appeared in some of our favorite TV shows, like How I Met Your MotherScrubs and Grey's Anatomy. But now she’s back on the small screen, and in a starring role, no less. It’s the Mandy Moore you wanna be with, and finally you can.

2. It’s Written By the Guy Who Wrote Crazy, Stupid, Love

This Is Us is written by Dan Fogelman, who is also the show's Executive Producer. You know what else Dan Fogelman did? One of your favorite Ryan Gosling films: Crazy, Stupid, Love. So we're expecting This Is Us to be just as funny, sweet, and poignant.

3. The People Vs. OJ Simpson’s Sterling K. Brown Is In It

You might not have known Sterling K. Brown before his breathtaking turn as Prosecutor Christopher Darden on  The People Vs. OJ Simpson, but you know him now. And chances are you couldn’t get enough of him as Darden, so the end of The People Vs. OJ Simpson left a hole in your life. Well that hole is about to be filled because Sterling K. Brown is one of the leading stars in This Is Us.

4. Um, Hello, Milo Ventimiglia (And His Butt)

Let's call a spade a spade: Milo Ventimiglia is a hottie. There's lots of reasons to be excited about This Is Us but Ventimiglia is certainly a steamy one. Especially because you may or may not get to see his butt in the first minute of the pilot...

5. It's The Dramedy You’ve Been Missing All This Time

Since Parenthood ended there hasn’t really been a show to fill the void. Something that both tugs on the heartstrings and makes your belly laugh. This Is Us is what you’ve been missing. It's the perfect mix of nostalgia and characters that feel like family, the exact recipe for a fantastic dramedy.

6. The Soundtrack Is Awesome

This Is Us' pilot episode opens with Sufjan Steven's "Death With Dignity," a beautiful soundtrack to the bittersweet comedy of life and living. Of course, there's some  Selena Gomez in there too, with "Hands To Myself" featured in the first episode too. So not only will you be laughing and crying along to This Is Us, you’ll be doing it to a pretty sweet soundtrack.

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