6 Reasons Farrah Abraham Catches So Much Shade

The girl everyone loves to hate.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away/2008 in Council Bluffs, Iowa- a high school cheerleader named Farrah Abraham made her television debut on the MTV reality series16 and pregnant. She has since gone on to form a mini-empire, ranging from multiple product endorsements to stints on Teen Mom, Teen Mom OG, Celebrity Big Brother and a "leaked" sex tape entitled Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. All of that's fair and good in the world of modern celebrities--she isn't the only reality star with a sex tape, to be sure--but Farrah has become one of the most hated celebrities in the inter-world.

Look at the comments section of any Farrah Abraham post and you're likely to see comments like, “michele4273: Farrah you truly are a despicable person. Someone should put a harness on you and treat you the way you treat others. Lowest of the low." Most recently, she was snubbed for an all-cast Puerto Rican getaway by the cast of Teen Mom OG. So why is she the thing that everyone loves to hate, you ask? Well read on, my behind-on-gossip friend. Read on! 

1. She Was Written To Play The Villain

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First of all, let it be noted that reality shows have writers, and heavy-handed decisions in the editing room tend to stretch the definition of “reality tv". No doubt when 16 And Pregnant producers saw a young Farrah who was more than willing to get mad on camera, they took advantage of it. In fact, Farrah has openly discussed being encouraged to lose her temper and MTV’s manipulation of context to make it appear Farrah’s temper is a disproportionate reaction to what is actually going on. She even talked about how seeing herself on the show opened her up to needing therapy, so she’s not unaware that she’s the bad guy. 

2. Issues With Her Mama

Farrah has a reputation for being particularly nasty to her mom, Debra, in her various reality TV appearances. (Nicki Minaj even called her out for it once and it didn't go very well.) In fact, in a Facebook Teen Mom Q&A last year, fan "questions" included, "why are you so rude to your mom and dad" and "why do u feel entitled and treat everyone like shit?" Their fights on the show are legendary. In 2010, Debra was arrested after an alleged domestic disturbance involving her daughter. Then there was the "slap heard round the world" when Debra slapped Farrah on the shoulder in an episode of Teen Mom. A lot of Farrah's shade comes from people wanting her to be more respectful to her parents. 

3. Issues With Her Being A Mama


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Keep in mind that Farrah got famous for being a mom, so fans come down particularly harshly on Farrah when her actions are less than maternal. Is this a good time to bring up her multiple sex tapes and 2014 AVN nomination for Best Anal Sex Scene? Still, plenty of adult entertainers are parents and visa versa, so that doesn't hold up too much. Money-making ventures aside, fans don't always like the way she parents her own daughter at home, which they've been seeing since before her daughter was even born. In one episode of Teen Mom OG, Abraham called her daughter "stupid" for refusing to get ready for a party, for which she later apologized. Ok, so she's made some controversial parenting choices. Sophie also has her own clothing boutique and Snapchat account where she famously asked people to "give me a text, I'm coming for you!" And later added, "Excuse me, you guys are texting me so much could you please stop. Everyone stop texting me. I have to go to bed." There's a lot more controversy where that came from.

4. Accusations Of Being Opportunistic

Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor, and in the world of reality TV, it's even shorter than that. Farrah has come out as arguably the only Teen Mom with eyes on an empire. In addition to her sex tapes, she has also owns a yogurt shop, released a best selling memoir, a music album, multiple sex toys, a pasta sauce, hair extensions, and more. Her daughter, Sophia, even has a clothing boutique of her own as well as an active Instagram following 150k strong. Not bad for a seven year old. 

5. Sex Tapes

Her first sex tape came out in 2013 with Vivid Entertainment, for which it is alleged that Abraham received $1.5 million. She certainly wouldn't be the first celebrity to leak a tape that was clearly a pre-meditated professional production, but that's just the point. She wasn’t the first. By the time her duo of sex tapes hit the market, the age of celebrity made by sex-tape had passed, so Farrah came off looking more like someone who wanted to be famous for no reason rather than someone who actually was famous for no reason. #RememberParis

6. Judging Her Makes A Guilty Pleasure Less Guilty

All things considered, and having just waded through sloughs of comments sections and tabloid reviews of Farrah's behavior, it seems to me that the people who love Farrah the most are those who love to hate. Fans love to diagnose Farrah with "narcissistic personality disorder" and "pray for her to find happiness and stop acting like a b*tch," but it's the same sort of rubbernecking that tempts you to to look at the wreckage when you pass by a highway accident. Don't get me wrong, I'm clearly a fan. That said, if you don't believe in fairies, you can just stop clapping, and more often than not, they disappear on their own. 

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