6 Reasons to Stay Single This Summer

Who needs an SO when the sun is shining?  

By Khalea Underwood

No boyfriend or girlfriend? No problem! ‘Tis the season to reap the benefits of being unattached. Here are 8 reasons to stay single this summer even though the world is telling you otherwise. 


1. You can take advantage of the tourist turnover! 

If you’re in New York City, Nebraska, Nepal or anywhere in between, there are bound to be visitors in your town interning, taking classes, or just seeing the sights. Take advantage of the seasonal strangers by swiping around on Tinder (because who isn’t on there?!), or use "where are you from?" as an easy way to strike up conversation at the bar. The best part: they're back on a plane before things get too heavy! 


2. You need more sun, girl. 

The days are longer and the nights are shorter, giving you more time to soak up the sun. Summer Saturdays are handmade for single gals! Instead of cooping yourself up in your apartment with an SO, Spend your morning picking out fresh fruit and veggies at the farmer’s market. Take an afternoon stroll to your local museum, or take your laptop to a café and get some work done in the sun. Nix your plan to hit the nightclub (who wants to deal with a packed venue and smelly dudes hitting on you?) and lounge by the pool with your girlfriends at twilight. 


3. Because you're hot right now. 

Those snowy day Soulcycle classes paid off, and the world deserves to see it! Summer’s the perfect (and only) time to let down your lightened locks and show off that bronzed, moisturized skin. And if more than one guy wants to admire your solstitial sexiness, then so be it. 


3. You’re too busy day-tripping.

Got some vacation days stored up? Hit the road! Even if it’s a trek to a town a few miles away, take advantage of the clear skies and warmer weather while you can. If you’re lucky enough to be able to add some stamps to your passport, don’t be afraid to go alone. Not only will you be able to make new friends and potential travel buddies, but you’ll also have awesome stories to tell on your stateside date nights.


4. Your friends deserve it!

Maybe you had a busy quarter at work, or maybe cuffing season got the best of you. But if you haven’t seen much of your crew, now’s the time to do so! Reconnect with your college roomies at brunch, take your girls to turn up at a festival, or schedule a weekend mani-pedi with your pals. Girl power! 


5. You have work to do. 

Relaionships can be distracting. It's easy to prioritize them over your career or creative life -- especially in the summer. Summer Fridays, where companies give their employees the day off or let them out earlier, are a blessing and a curse. While getting a head start to the weekend is always a plus, a shorter workweek presents ealier deadlines. You may have to spend some of your evenings at work to get more work done instead of bailing at 6'o clock on the dot for a date...not necessarily a bad thing in the eyes of the powers that can be who can provide a promotion!


6. The cocktails are better

Toast to life and hit happy hour – which is even happier when spent at a rooftop bar or a patio! Yes, a candlelit dinner for two is a romantic notion...but save that for when you have to be inside. Your fall boyfriend might be sipping sangria right beside you. 

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