6 Reasons Will Smith Will Always Be Bae

Happy Birthday Will! 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Will Smith turns 47 today, but he's still got it. Here are 6 reasons we'll always love Will Smith.

1. He's funny.

Will Smith has been making us laugh since his Fresh Prince days. He's goofy without shame - not just on screen but in interviews too - in a way that makes it hard not to like him.

2. He's handsome.

Look, I just had to say it. Will Smith started off cute in his getting-jiggy-with it days, but then he leveled up by aging into a distinguished, seriously handsome man.

3. He's talented.

Will can do it all. He's done comedy, drama, action, everything - and he's done it well. Who else can't wait to see him enter the world of superhero movies (Hancock doesn't count) when Suicide Squad is released next year?

4. He was brave enough to cross over.

Will was one of the first people to do attempt the whole acting-to-rap thing, and his music has had a lasting impact. Proof? When it starts to gets warm, you'll still find everyone and their grandma bumping "Summertime." It's the ultimate summer jam.

5. He seems like an awesome husband.

Whether you believe that Will and Jada have an open marriage or not, you can't deny that whatever they're doing is working for them. They seem super happy together and supportive to a fault. In the industry they're in, that can't be easy, but Will has always seemed like he treats Jada like a queen.

6. His open-mindedness when it comes to parenting.

Look, say what you will about Jaden and Willow's fashion choices - they have strong heads on their shoulders. They're being themselves in an environment where it's so easy to lose who you are and become what people want you to be. His kids don't hesitate to defy societal expectations, and that confidence has gotta come from somewhere.

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